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Welcome to Insein Radio, where we bring you the latest and greatest in music news from around the world. Today, we're thrilled to highlight the exceptional talents of rap artist Matty V. Born and raised in the United States, Matty V has been making waves in the music industry with his incredible voice and soulful lyrics. From his early beginnings in the church choir to his current collaborations with other major artists, Matty V has cemented himself as a true force to be reckoned with. With his music, Matty V effortlessly blends the best of pop, soul, and R&B, bringing together influences from both classic and contemporary artists. His lyrics speak to the heart, touching on topics like love, heartbreak, and personal growth.


  • 2022 – De Belgische Hip Hop Revue ft. Bert Scheemaker

    Voor het derde jaar op rij fileert Radio Achterhaald ter gelegenheid van de Week van de Belgische Muziek de beste Hip Hop die door de boomboxen knalde in de Vlaamse velden. En voor de tweede keer doen we dat samen met notoir hiphopkenner Bert Scheemaker als gast in de studio. Trage Tony dirigeerde meesterlijk de ceremonie, MC Neute duobaande erop los achter de draaitafels (DJ Rocky Z was geëxcuseerd wegens vloeibare stoelgang) en MixMaster Wannes telde in een hoekje de nummers af, verlangend naar échte (boomer)muziek.

  • 1979 – Take The Cannoli (Disco, Funk & Hip Hop in the Mix)

    Roy Ayers - Love Will Bring Us Back Together The Sequence - Funk You Up Jocko - The Rocketship George Duke - Games Bramsam - Move Your Body Dr. Superman and Lady Sweet - Can You Do It Funky Constellation - Street Talk (Madam Rapper) Sister Sledge - He's The Greatest Dancer M. C. Tee - Nu-Sounds The Funky 4+1 - Rapping And Rocking The House

  • RAKELING #33: Kempston Hardwick – Tyler The Creator – SAVANT – Lone – Jules Venturini – …

    Aired live at Villa Bota Studio on 10/09/2021 Grooves are distributed biweekly on Friday 106.4 FM (Brugge) (World) 1. Kempston Hardwick - Leonila 2. Denis Mpunga - Funyaka 3. Derrick Cross - Never Too Much 4. Creation Rebel - Chatti Mouth 5. Tyler The Creator - Hot Wind Blows 6. Deltron 3030 - Madness 7. Sleaford Mods - Tweet tweet tweet 8. SAVANT - Using Words 9. Nomine - Blind Man 10. Dario Domingues & Tupac Amaru - By The Round Lagoon 11. Trujilo - Shortcut To Paradise 12. Dip In The Pool - On Retinae 13. Lone - Dolphin 14. Jules Venturini - Trace of Smoke 15. Peven Everett - Stuck 16. André Brasseur - Funky


    Deze namiddag kwam KSA TER STRAETEN Trebur Radio kapen. Ze speelden hun favoriete nummers en legden uit wat ze zoal doen en belden andere leden!