• Wat is de Turbo podcast?

    We gingen langs bij Cedric Verstraete om zijn ervaring als host van de TURBO podcast te ontfutselen.

  • Red Rock Rally door de ogen van David Galle

    Lees Red Rock Rally door de ogen van David Galle, de nieuwe presentator van het festival.

  • Word radiomaker

    Villa Bota is er voor iedereen die wil leren radiomaken, muziek wil delen en wil meedraaien in onze bruisende community. Kom gewoon eens langs. Voor je ’t weet heb je een nieuwe hobby en nieuwe vrienden.

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    Op dit moment zijn er geen evenementen gepland. Kom later terug.

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  • Rhythmic Noise & Industrial Techno – 20230830

    Some laidback and less laidback Rhythmic Noise with a pinch of Industrial Techno! Hope you enjoy. If you want more The Kult of O content consider subscribing to the Patreon and support us while you do: Oneirich is the curator of the The Kult of O platform.

  • InSein Radio – European 70’s Soundtrack Grooves

    70s OST grooves, some erotic some non-erotic

  • Without the slightest worry

    Very last Klankschap of the summer. The show will be back in october. Death and Vanilla, Civilistjävel! - Perpetuum Mobile (Civilistjävel! Version) Passepartout Duo – Quiescence Treasury of Puppies - Lollos Dagbok (part 2) Pauline Anna Strom - Marking Time Carl Stone – Excerpt ‘Three confusongs’ Radiohead - Pyramid Strings Carl Oesterhelt & Johannes Enders - Theme I AINON - Drought Mark Kozelek – November Maarja Nuut & Sun Araw - Mute Marble Anja Lauvdal – Silk Dau – Sundowning Dictaphone - Tempête et Stress David Cassin - loved. Helena Basilova, Konstantyn Napolov & Maya Fridman - Obscure Atlas SG-3: IV. Stratosphere Pinkcourtesyphone - temporal extravagance The Caretaker - Place in the World fades away

  • Oneirich – Evolution of Machine Learning

    Oneirich - Rise of the A.I. =========================== In the year 2053, Artificial Intelligence had become so advanced that it was almost impossible to differentiate between a human and a machine. People began to fear the day when AI would become superior and dominate humanity. But one man, Oneirich, was fascinated by the idea of creating an auditory journey that would tell the story of AI. He spent years researching, experimenting and perfecting his art. He dug deep into the archives of early computer technology, studied the evolution of machine learning and explored the frontiers of neural networks. Finally, after thirty long years, he released this EP. 01 - Early Computer Technology 02 - Neural Network Frontiers 03 - Evolution of Machine Learning Credits ======= Text: ChatGPT Artwork: Stable Difussion Music & Design: Oneirich credits released April 6, 2023

  • InSein Radio – Versatile Late Summer Sounds

    E rondje voor Franky! E rondje voor iedereen, even the snake carrying around beer gets a sniff of the real deal. Even birds can get the best of us , it's all about the buzz created by the one and only Benny C, the dwarf section is about to get the upper handy, now all you dwarfettes touch yo punani! Peace out!

  • Rakeling #43 Summer Madness

    Rakeling Show #43 recorded live at Villa Bota on August 18 2023 Listen live on Friday biweekly from 8-9 pm

  • Caciocavallo !

    From the absurd people like you and me to the eerie Penderecki from the dearly missed Trish and French hick-ups to a loop out of the jungle from churchy organs to seduction through witchcraft and majestic sadness contains spores of Broadcast, Max Richter, People like us, Humbros, De-Bons-en-Pierre, Penderecki, Native instrument and whatnot. Mixed & Recorded live at Villa Bota Studio, August 13th 2023 Enjoy !

  • InSein Radio – A Guide Through The Persides

    This week, Franz Demonious asked us to create an auditory space tapestry for his trip through the Perseids. Franz Demonious traversed the Perseids in his naked dark lair in search of the distant galaxy the Perineums...listen to know if he finally succeeded.

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