Fils de Rap – 15 Achterhaalde Franse Hip Hop Classics

MC Tony Le Lent en MC Noisette nemen de mic en de turntables over voor een bloemlezing uit de Franse rap Want: gepokt en gemazeld in de Brugse banlieus. Dat zijn we bij Radio Achterhaald. Als we op onze lowriders in het park cruisen, draaien we al eens wat classic hip hop op onze boombox. Van onze potes de Marseille tot onze mecs de Paris. Een-twee-drie en daarmee riebedebie. MC Solaar - Caroline Oxmo Puccino, Lunatic, X-Men, HiFi & Pit Baccardi - Les Bidons Veulent le Guidon Passi - Le Monde Est A Moi Faf Larage - J'Ai Honte Keny Arkana - Eh Connard Akhenaton - La Fin De Leur Monde Ärsenik - Boxe Avec Les Mots Orelsan - Suicide Social Afro Jazz - Strictly Hip Hop Oxmo Puccino ft. Booba - Pucc' Fiction Ideal J - Hardcore Suprême NTM - Laisse Pas Traîner Ton Fils Fonky Family - Sans Rémission Doc Gyneco - Dans Ma Rue Booba - N°10


  • RAKELING #18: Eberhard Weber – Felix Kubin – Ryo Kawasaki – The Alchemist – Apache – Mameen 3 – …

    Live from Villa Bota Radio, on August 17, 2020. Grooves are distributed biweekly 
on Monday Listen on Villa Bota Radio from 6 - 7 p.m. 106,4 FM in Bruges 
and 107.9 FM in Torhout

  • RAKELING – Dijf Sanders – Dj Shadow – Sleaford Mods – Injury Reserve – Ty Segall – Klaus Layer- …

    Recorded live at Villa Bota Radio on November 10, 2023. Listen live biweekly on Friday's 8 to 9 pm on SOME RAINY MOODS THEN SOME UPTEMPO EASY GROOVES THEN SOME HIP HOP THEN A BIT OF ALL TOO BAD WE PLAYED JAYMIE SILK'S CONCENTRATE CAUSE THIS DIDN'T FIT THE SET AT ALL BUT HEY NO HATE THOUGH ALL IS WELL 1. Dijf Sanders - Bird's Milk 2. By Storm - Double Trio 3. Dj Shadow - Fleeting Youth 4. Resavoir - Inside Minds 5. Frank McDonald - Bank Job 6. Jaymie Silk - Concentrate 7. Sleaford Mods - 18h Girdie 8. Injury Reserve - Whatever Dude 9. Wiki & Tony Seltzer - RL 10. Sun Araw - Crete 11. Klaus Layer - New Age 12. Ty Segall - Void 13. The Feelies - Original Love 14. Noah Jupe – Thoughts in My Mind 15. Earl Sweatshirts & Alchemist - Geb 16. BeraadGeslagen - Rockvrij Europa

  • DAY 7

    Keep the music going, monsieurs! Recommended drink for this one is: margarita spicy.

  • InSein Radio – NYC Tribute (80s Boogie / Disco / Elektro / Early Hip Hop)

    After Benny left the Insein reigns to Siggy Ztardust, when he went to a phalli-exhibition in New York, Paula's head honcho stayed home to do some well-deserved knitting. Fallus encountered New York's finest export products: early house and disco 12"'s. But it wasn't until Benny C played some old school hip hop grooves, that he captured da true soul of New York. Because H to the Izzo, Matty to the Vizzo, Rocky to the Zizzo, Benny to the Cizzo, everything is all good in a NY state of mind!