InSein Radio

Mid life vinyl junks met een zeer eclectische smaak, die na 12 jaar nog steeds proberen elke week iets anders te brengen.


  • InSein Radio – Heimweh Im Brooklyn PöstPünk/Wave/Rave

    Blue mondays are actually fun days. Unless you are in Brooklyn and feel yourself forced to go to listen to jazz and even go to multiple concerts. It's not strange that he is homesick and longing for a blue waffle at home. He would even settle for some blue cheese, was it not for grumpy smurf eating spaghetti with his spouse. We made a mix to motivate our friend Benjamin to get home after some ludicrous partying in New York. Otherwise, he would forever be blue labadi labadoux labadi labadou.....

  • InSein Radio – Dusty Founds From 2022

    Less hairy butts, more hairy styles. If 2023 can produce records on par with this great dusty rösti selection from 2022 we"ll all have a blast. 2023, the year of his Royal Airness MJ, will be a festival of dirty ducks, shiverring ghosts and leaky assholes.

  • InSein Radio – Post Christmas Disco

    Ho Ho Ho, it's past Christmas so why not take it to the dancefloor with some disco joints.

  • InSein Radio – EPISODE ***400***

    400 is the magic number, not only Jesus had 400 virgins before he died aged 33, it was also the number of beautiful goals Hazard made in his illustrious career, and the number of times someone caught a pingpong ball with his mouth in the infamous sex shows in Bangkok and surroundings. Insein Radio is still the second grooviest in town, without a doubt! Even after 400 shows, we're still going hard AF! The occasion even rised us to unknown levels of creativity to create the most epic artwork in the history of Insein, celebrating both the Fallus and the Ass, Butt the but hasn't made us any wiser! With talking heads figuring as christmas balls without uttering so much as a sound, inseinal sounds has provided us witth honest to god answers to perennial questions such as: what is art? What is authenticity? Listeners are yet to find out whether Insein truly exists or could possibly exist, even though it is perceived. Is it a chatbot? A collective? Whatever it is, e=mc2 8======3 ~~~~~<<

  • InSein Radio – Sonic Planetary Excursions

    A Sonic Planetary Excursion by FalluJah going places you've never been before.

  • InSein Radio – FalluJah’s Dub Excursion

    FalluJah went solo again and selected some nice and irie out of this world dub tunes and beyond. Enjoy this selection, very much approved by Matty V, the dominating MC, making all them ... touch their ... One Love peoples!

  • InSein Radio – FalluJah’s Secret Dope Sounds

    Cheeeese and wine night was off, tonight! Normally we would have sipped a Coto Dimaz and ate a splendid Roquefort, right after a piece of good ol' Oed Bruhhe'. Instead, none other than Benny C took all his recently bought shit and tried to throw a party, yo! The Evil Butt-picture you get for free!!!

  • InSein Radio – Hail To The South (Dirty South, Early Trap, Memphis Rap, …)

    Hell yeah, bitchez and hoes, welcome to the grimiest show, dirty south 'till I go, yo! From Memphis, Tennessee, all the way down to Tallahassee, Miami, All I ever wanted to be, was a real OG, gettin' down to the nitty gritty, this show will make you touch a whole lotta titties! The South is not all about redneck, ignorant shit, butt ever so more about the hiphop style of ignorant shit!

  • InSein Radio – Halloween Horror Happiness

    Halloween is not for the faint of heart. Insein Radio, with all its heart, selected the darkest, scariest, heartbreaking, horroresque sounds for your feary ears. But we remain happy fellaz nevertheless. Look at the guy in the picture. Doesn't he look evilish happy. Mwoehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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