InSein Radio

Mid life vinyl junks met een zeer eclectische smaak, die na 12 jaar nog steeds proberen elke week iets anders te brengen.


  • InSein Radio – European 70’s Soundtrack Grooves

    70s OST grooves, some erotic some non-erotic

  • InSein Radio – Versatile Late Summer Sounds

    E rondje voor Franky! E rondje voor iedereen, even the snake carrying around beer gets a sniff of the real deal. Even birds can get the best of us , it's all about the buzz created by the one and only Benny C, the dwarf section is about to get the upper handy, now all you dwarfettes touch yo punani! Peace out!

  • InSein Radio – A Guide Through The Persides

    This week, Franz Demonious asked us to create an auditory space tapestry for his trip through the Perseids. Franz Demonious traversed the Perseids in his naked dark lair in search of the distant galaxy the Perineums...listen to know if he finally succeeded.

  • The devil took us to Nashville episode 1

    Franky Demon is a dude weh. The guys from InSein Radio had a trip to Ibiza in mind, but instead of Ibiza, it became café Ibiza in Nashville USA ... The bullets flew past our ears, the bourbon flowed freely and took us along the path of melancholy. We searched some country and bizarre folk songs together, 4 your ears and your ears only ... enjoy.

  • InSein Radio – The Inner Quest For Eternal Salvation

    Like we always say: It's a long story, but not as long as his lunte! Shout-outs to our biggest heroes: Whyme Stoneman, Siggy Von Gierdegom and Matty V, the dominatinc MC, making all them bitches touch their punany. No Matty A, ... but Matty V.

  • InSein Radio – Summer Block Party (Hip Hop Edition pt.2)

    Look into the eyes of a demon and be seduced to travel along a two hour trip through hip hop history.

  • InSein Radio – Summer Block Party Pt. 1 (The Hip Hop Edition)

    From now until the end of summer InSein is about to host a weekly block party session. For this first episode we pay tribute to the birth of block party, late 70's and early 80's Bronx NYC. Big ups to the godfathers of Hip Hop: Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel, Dirk Da Flow, Minou X&EGGS, Franky D. and Nico Blontrock.

  • InSein Radio – We Shall See What Happens

    It's good we all have one/two hood.

  • InSein Radio – We Shall See Pt. 2

    Who has ever witness a friendly snake with a platter of pints? Franky 'smokey' the divel was a notorious space age knight in the dark times in Bruges. He roamed the muddy streets of Bruges with his huge lunte. One evening at the bar of the world famous café the 'gistfabriek' he decided to go in sea with a beer carrying dragon. This venture pleased him. Franky is a brave Boy. Franky is still worshiped as the god of the free barley juice ... bacchus.

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