InSein Radio

Just some random Belgian guys in love with music and bad humour.


  • InSein Radio – Soulful House Excursion

    That swan puked like a reiger, the saying goes.

  • InSein Radio – A Dubby Excursion To Fallujah

    Deprived of Siggy Ztardust, DJ Fallujah went on a solo trip and selected some dubbed out sonic adventures. Still devoted to Wims Thema though.

  • InSein Radio – Easter Sunshine Galore

    We once had a friend straigth outta Beernem. We took him from the streets and gave him an opportunity to rise and shine as the official InSein Radio copywriters. Four years later we are glad that we got rid of this drunk loud singing mongoloid. His self esteem had become so high that even at his regular job they made him C.E.O. Can you believe this? True story! Everlasting respect for Matty V. Not Matty A Not Matty B Not Matty C Not Matty D Not Matty E Not Matty F Not Matty G Not Matty H Not Matty I Not Matty J Not Matty K Not Matty L Not Matty M Not Matty N Not Matty O Not Matty P Not Matty Q Not Matty R Not Matty S Not Matty T Not Matty U But Matty V!!! In the place 2 be. Making all the b*tches touch their punani. Not Matty A Not Matty B Not Matty C Not Matty D Not Matty E Not Matty F Not Matty G Not Matty H Not Matty I Not Matty J Not Matty K Not Matty L Not Matty M Not Matty N Not Matty O Not Matty P Not Matty Q Not Matty R Not Matty S Not Matty T Not Matty U But Matty V!!!

  • InSein Radio – Spring Things (69)

    Would he rather have a Chinese Stepma or fuck a nasty bitch called Fatma. Would he rather play for A.S. Roma (two times draw against Club Bruga) or be the new, next level Obama (funny looking former presidenta). Would he rather take a shit through a stoma or catch a dirty plague in Dodoma (Capital of Tanzania). Would he rather drop bombs like Osama. Or spit crazy fire like Remy Ma. Would he rather listen to Bananarama or be the biggest pimp in Alabama. It's all just another kind of Dilemma That we allready know as Wim's Thema (brother of Frow, Expert of Cambodia Ambassadia).

  • InSein Radio – Dark Electronic Waves (paard 2)

    Are we at our darkest hour? We don't know, because we have the feeling we can go much darker, and darker, and darker! Meet Francois Den Duyvel, one of the earliest gravediggazz! He once was digging a grave so deep, he caught a herrring, the son of a bitch! He found nothing better than to export the shit out of the fish. After a few decades, dolphins were swimming at the Minnewater. Coincidence? I think not, mothafuckazz! -- Sind wir in unserer dunkelsten Stunde? Wir wissen es nicht, denn wir haben das Gefühl, dass wir noch viel dunkler und dunkler und dunkler werden können! Darf ich vorstellen: Francois Den Duyvel, einer der frühesten Totengräber! Er grub einst ein Grab so tief, dass er einen Hering erwischte, der Mistkerl! Er fand nichts Besseres, als die Scheiße aus dem Fisch zu exportieren. Nach ein paar Jahrzehnten schwammen Delfine im Minnewater. Ist das ein Zufall? Ich glaube nicht, mothafuckazz! Übersetzt mit (kostenlose Version)

  • InSein Radio – Oddball Pop / Balearic/ Disco / Wave

    The most incredible thing we can do now, is solve the war in Ukraine. That's why we invited Vlad Putin to our radio show to show off his favourite Western Hits. Since his West only reaches Lviv, we had to limit us to only the greatest of Ukrainian inspired tracks around the globe. But now that Putin met Beyonce in the dungeons of Insein Radio, world peace is only a wink away! He will be humiliated by the big old bootie swingin queen of r&b, pop and the world, because she refused to answer his request to paint a moustache above her lips and call her Jules for the rest of the night. Anywayz, world peace is only a pinch away if you listen to Insein Radio!

  • InSein Radio – 90s Hip Hop Nostalgia

    90s Hip Hop Nostalgia says it all. Hip Hop from the golden era. All styles, versatile.

  • InSein Radio – Miscellaneous Niceness

    Back in 1943 the famous Unesco roundabout in Bruges was occupied by what some say is the only true socialist party ever, The NSDP. It then, unfortunately, was renamed into the second silliest name a roundabout was ever named, namely the NSDP Roundabout. You could see the tanks crawling around the roundabout just to install the Hittler Jugend as the only rulers of Bruges. Luckily some wickedly awesome forefathers of the Insein Crew - at that time the second grooviest in town - could rescue the keys of the city out of the hands of Nazi Göring himself, to turn the city of the Venice of the North into the most beautiful, though politically most incorrect place around the globe!

  • InSein Radio – A Love Story

    When dolphins were just a relatively new species, they all gathered in the Lovely Lake of Love, to make Love. Not long after that, the famous architectual duo, Jan Breydel and Pieter the Coninck, showed some really awkward behaviour, by fucking each other in their respectual asses. The gathered dolphins soon followed suit, and for the Biblical people of Bruges, it was not a sight to behold any longer. The anal fornication of the sea mammals shook the Christian souls of the inhabitants of Bruges, to the point where all dolphins were sent to a 6*6 pool somewhere in the outskirts of Saint-Michel. The dolphins soon found their natural home, even more so after they expanded the pool to a 6*7 format! Freedom! .

  • InSein Radio – Another Random Trip (The Sequel)

    The Sint Salvators Cathedral is one of the historical highlights in the touristic inner city of Bruges. A little known fact however is that before WOII the cathedral had twin towers. It was under the command of Joseph Goebbels that the Luftwaffe destroyed the most beautiful tower of them all. It was September 11 1943. The night before Herr Goebbels went to a local bratwurst bar and met up with the evil Head Honcho, der überführer Arsène Von Gierdegom. Von Gierdegom had long held a grudge against the second of the twin towers because it was bigger than his biological father's windmill. In exchange for this war act Arsène promised a life long supply of free wedges (mayonnaise not included). Around this time Osama Bin Laden Sr. purchased an aquarel painting depicting the devastation of the tower. He was inspired for life. Like Van Gogh before him he discovered the signature style of a true master. And if you don't believe this one, we gonna make you another one wise.

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