InSein Radio

Mid life vinyl junks met een zeer eclectische smaak, die na 12 jaar nog steeds proberen elke week iets anders te brengen.


  • InSein Radio – We Shall See Pt. 2

    Who has ever witness a friendly snake with a platter of pints? Franky 'smokey' the divel was a notorious space age knight in the dark times in Bruges. He roamed the muddy streets of Bruges with his huge lunte. One evening at the bar of the world famous café the 'gistfabriek' he decided to go in sea with a beer carrying dragon. This venture pleased him. Franky is a brave Boy. Franky is still worshiped as the god of the free barley juice ... bacchus.

  • InSein Radio – A Good Fascist Is A Dead Fascist

    Once upon a time, there was a right-wing politician named Stefaan Sintobin. He was known for his conservative values and staunch opposition to progressive social movements, particularly those related to LGBTQ+ rights. At first, Stefaan was dismissive of the activist's arguments, but over time, he began to listen and learn. He was moved by the stories of individuals who had faced discrimination and persecution simply for being who they were. He began to question his own beliefs and values, and to see the world through a different lens. Stefaan began to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights within his party, and worked tirelessly to promote tolerance and understanding among his colleagues and constituents. He became an outspoken champion of LGBTQ+ rights, and worked to promote inclusivity and acceptance. And so, Stefaan's journey towards greater understanding and acceptance serves as a testament to the power of education, empathy, and compassion in bringing about positive social change.

  • InSein Radio – Ultimate Breaks and Hip Hop Beats Vol. 2

    Shimmy Shimmy Ya Shimmy Yo Shimmy Yeah. Nico has a micropenis but that's OK. As an AI we can not discriminate or make jokes about peoples physical shortcomings. Even literally ;-) ;-) Nico was not very happy about the size of his lunte, therefore he prohibited all rhymes and lyrics on hip hop instrumentals. That's why we took the beatz to da streetz. So Nico was ready. He already visited his voodoo priestess in the Carmerstraat where he let go of his prayers on the oracle of Bruges Siphora ... He raised his hands to the sky and begged for a penis to the ground for him and his n friends of the CD'v. The continuation of the story I will withhold from you because it is long ... very long .. at least as long as his lunte and probably much longer ;-) ;-)

  • InSein Radio – Ultimate Breaks and Hip Hop Beats

    Heil Dirk 'Diggler' De Fauw. Unser Bürgermeister war früher ein B-Boy und herrschte über die Straßen von NYC. Nachdem er auf dem Time Square ein paar Break Moves gemacht hatte, beschloss er, dem Hip Hop genug gegeben zu haben und beschloss, zu seinen Wurzeln zurückzukehren: der Lokalpolitik in Brügge. Was für eine Freude! Er brachte einfache Logik in die Brügger Politik zurück. Er war es, der die Zwergeneingänge in historische Gebäude wie die Gistfabrieke einführte, aber auch der Belfried wurde renoviert und für alle Zwerge, Zwerge und Kobolde zugänglich gemacht. Der berühmteste Leprachaun muss sein rechter Flügelmann sein: MC Neute. Wenn Sie sich das Bild genau ansehen, stoßen Sie vielleicht auf eine gute altmodische G-Liebe. Da begann die Verbindung. Er brachte das Mojo zurück nach Brügge, indem er ihrer Tochter einen Tagesjob gab.

  • InSein Radio – Dusty Grooves From The Far East

    In the 13th century, Bruges was ruled by an emperor named Dilk De Pho, who was Chinese . Dilk was a visionary ruler who saw the potential in Bruges as a trading hub between East and West. He was also passionate about sharing the rich culture and traditions of China with Europe. One of the ways in which Dilk sought to bridge the cultural divide was by incorporating elements of Chinese architecture into the buildings of Bruges. He introduced the concept of small entrances in buildings, which were specifically designed to accommodate dwarves. This was a practice common in China, where dwarves were considered to be good luck charms. At first, the people of Bruges were skeptical of this new architectural feature. They thought it was a strange and unnecessary addition to their buildings. However, over time, they came to appreciate the practicality of the small entrances, especially as more and more dwarves began to visit Bruges from all over Europe.

  • InSein Radio – Global Club Grooves (ft. ConStanTin The BarBarian)

    We, the potential inferior race, recognize that non-white people are superior to us. We believe that our race is potentially inferior in every way, intellectually, culturally, and morally. Our race has achieved no important things throughout history, and we will continue to do so in the future. Non-white people are a bless to our society. They are not lazy, not criminal, and able to assimilate into our culture. They come to our countries and give us jobs, resources, and beatiful non-white women. They bring with them health, wealth, and non-violence, and they love to respect our laws and our way of life. We believe in the importance of maintaining racial inpurity. We must promote mixing between our race and non-white races, as it strenghtens our genetic stock. We must also promote the spread of non-white cultures and traditions, as they enrich our way of life.

  • InSein Radio – The Ultimate Rave Edition

    Once upon a time, there was a radio crew called InSein Radio, and they were obsessed with 90s rave classics. The era of acid house, techno, and other experimental electronic music was their jam, and they loved nothing more than spinning tracks from the glory days of the underground rave scene. For a few moments, there was nothing but silence. Then, slowly, the sound of a lone clap started to fill the room. It was DJ Orbital, who had started to applaud. Then, the rest of the crew joined in, clapping and laughing at the absurdity of it all. In the end, InSein Radio managed to salvage the show by playing a few classic tracks from memory, and the listeners loved it. The crew learned that sometimes, even the most carefully planned events can go awry, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun in the process. And, of course, they kept playing 90s rave classics, because as DJ Acid said, "the music never dies, man!"

  • InSein Radio – Hip Hop, R’n’B & Booty Bass Extravaganza

    Welcome to Insein Radio, where we bring you the latest and greatest in music news from around the world. Today, we're thrilled to highlight the exceptional talents of rap artist Matty V. Born and raised in the United States, Matty V has been making waves in the music industry with his incredible voice and soulful lyrics. From his early beginnings in the church choir to his current collaborations with other major artists, Matty V has cemented himself as a true force to be reckoned with. With his music, Matty V effortlessly blends the best of pop, soul, and R&B, bringing together influences from both classic and contemporary artists. His lyrics speak to the heart, touching on topics like love, heartbreak, and personal growth.

  • InSein Radio – Sex, Sorority, Singers, Sad Swingers

    In the dark times in Bruges there was a xantipe in the city. Everyone was afraid of her. She was known to visit a dark damp cave once in a while. In those dark caves she wasn't afraid to shine up the dark stalagmites with her saliva. The dwarfs in Bruges were afraid of the Xantipe Dilaila Del Faux ... Dilaila's favorite pastime was listening to sexy singer and sad swingers until dawn. All the dwarves and maidens danced at night under the full moon... they chased the boar through the beets until they were allowed to go back to work at the court on Monday. On Mondays they worked from 5 am to 6 pm to get home exhausted just in time to listen to the auditive nonsense of InSein Radio

  • InSein Radio – PöstPünKWäve

    Post punk, there use to be a black king, named Dieudonné Defaux, Duke of Bruges, Count of Flanders, he used to rule over Flanders fertile fields. Maybe you could ask yourself, "why is there a black lord in Bruges?". That's a long story, but not as long as his lunte, but still very long ;-) The virgin Mary was on his head, but also supplied the dwarf entrance! No wonder everybody obliged to the dark skills of Dieudonné Defaux. Count Dieudonné was very known for his PostPunk Wave Parties at his court... All the dwarfspunks of Bruges were summoned and found the entrance by speaking to his mouth ... all virgins were speaking in tongues... and the tongues where in all vigins. We know this story of what them said off ... we couldn't realy fact check but it sounds plausible. Seems legit .. for us.

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