Namaakkanttekeningen 15/07/2021


  • Horae Obscura – Ab Invito

    Hey Kultists! I'm thrilled to share my latest radio show with you! I've been exploring some amazing #AvantGarde and #MusiqueConcrète lately, and I can't wait to play some of my favorite discoveries for you. From experimental soundscapes to unconventional sounds, this show has it all. But even if you're not already a fan of this kind of music, I think you'll find it a fascinating and mesmerizing experience. So join me for a journey through the weirder side of the music world, and be sure to share your thoughts and reactions in the comments below. I'm always glad to hear what you think! I'd like to thank my Patreons who supported this show: Dafreeze, Strayd0g, ivan & R. Relique. If you also want to support The Kult of O, and get more content, then consider becoming a Patreon: Horae Obscura is part of The Kult of O radioshow Website:


    Recorded live at villabota, bruges, belgium on monday 06072020 between 19:00 -20:00 CET. pic by R.I.P. Maestro Morricone: 1. Une Autre Mer (1977) Music for Orchestra and Voice 2. Ciribiribin (1974) Arrangements 3. La Cousine (1977) Music for Orchestra and Voice 4. Come Maddelena (1978) BBC 5. Tema Italiano (1979) Le Clan Des Siciliens 6. Chi Mai (1978) BBC 7. Finale (1979) Le Clan Des Siciliens 8. A Fistful Of Dynamite (1972) Gui La Testa 9. Dialogo n°1 (1979) Le Clan Des Siciliens 10. Scetate (1974) Arrangements 11. Il Etait Une Fois Dans L'Ouest (1968) 12. Copkiller (1983) 13. Peur Sur La Ville (1975) 14. Corleone (1978)

  • Horae Obscura – Una quai es omnia, Dea Iset

    I wished they played stuff like this on Klara during the day... Klara is my local #classical radio station... Hope you enjoy this hour of #avantgarde - ish music. If you want more The Kult of O content consider subscribing to the Patreon and support us while you do: Horae Obscura is part of The Kult of O radioshow bringing you the darkest, melancholic and eerie tracks the world has to offer! The show is curated by Oneirich and broadcast on Villa Bota Radio. Website: