InSein Radio – The Angel & The Demon

Watch out for political heavyweight Franky Demon. Don't be blinded by his seemingly innocent pink shirt, he's a true demon within! Once he gets your vote, he molests your children and takes of his human mask and unravels his reptile identity. But the true devil in disguise is dj Fallujah, a man who switches sides more often than he switches underpants. He's unreliable. He acts as a friend but is your true enemy! Watch out!!! Shouts to our man Matty V who made a mindblowing comeback after a few weeks of holidays. Respect!


  • Take A Break 130: Ulterior Motive Tribute

    Take A Break 130: Ulterior Motive Tribute ๐Ÿ“ป Oud nieuws, maar daarom niet minder belangrijk. Ulterior Motive kondigde in januari '21 aan om als duo te stoppen. Sam duikt in de lijvige dnb-catalog van deze heren en vult vanavond een uurtje ermee. Van 21u tot 22u te horen op of 106.4 FM of

  • Ignace Paepe presents: Melodic Mania Radioshow Episode #32

    Yesterday i made a 2 hour mix for Melodic Mania Radioshow and I played lots of great tracks released on record labels such as Tiefdruckgebeat , Armada Music , SMTC Underground , Chrom Recordings , Einmusika Recordings , Awen Records @metrica Steyoyoke , Running Clouds Deep House Belgium , Vivrant , Atlant , WOOD , Saturn Return Manual Music / MNL and Afterlife I played great melodic Techno & Ethereal Techno tracks from great artists such as youlaike , Super Flu , Un:said , Jono Stephenson , George O'Basil , D-Nox , Lonya , DJ Lily Pita , DJ Apsara ยท&LEZ , Yubik Nick Devon , Senses Of Mind , Alfa Romero , Fat Cosmoe , Jickow , Jeremy Olander , Rowee , Robbie Akbal , Kapibara , Aaryon , David Di Sabato , Main Leaf , Nohak , Moby and Tale Of Us

  • Take A Break 144: Haracan Interview & Guestmix

    Take A Break 144 - Haracan interview & guestmix ๐Ÿ“ป Vanavond op Take A Break: Haracan komt af uit het Antwerpse naar onze studio in het Astridpark in Brugge. Straks een interview & een guestmix. Deze man op Rampage Open Air & Vaag Outdoor afgelopen zomer. Tune in van 20u tot 21u via