InSein Radio – The Angel & The Demon

Watch out for political heavyweight Franky Demon. Don't be blinded by his seemingly innocent pink shirt, he's a true demon within! Once he gets your vote, he molests your children and takes of his human mask and unravels his reptile identity. But the true devil in disguise is dj Fallujah, a man who switches sides more often than he switches underpants. He's unreliable. He acts as a friend but is your true enemy! Watch out!!! Shouts to our man Matty V who made a mindblowing comeback after a few weeks of holidays. Respect!


  • Doomcore – A Distorted Week Day 1

    First day of #ADistortedWeek and on this day I served an hour of #doomcore and #darkcore ... Tuesday the 26th of April there's no livestream but a regular Horae Obscura on Villa Bota radio but we stay in the Distorted theme and I'll be serving an hour of Noisy ambient and Harsh Noise. On Wednesday I'm back with an hour of #crossbreed aka #drumnbass and #hardcore. For the rest of the schedule have a look at The Kult of O Website: If you want more The Kult of O content consider subscribing to the Patreon and support us while you do: Oneirich is the curator of the The Kult of O platform.

  • Take A Break 147: MC Fats, forever in our hearts

    Take A Break 147: MC Fats, forever in our hearts Sam maakte een tribute voor recent overleden dnb-legende MC Fats. Een groot verlies van een monument!

  • NFNE #56 | Distracted by a color sample| Jakob Bro – Matt Elliott – Aries Mond – Jon Opstad – Oval..

    1. Priscilla Ermel - Floresta 2. James McVinnie & Tom Jenkinson - Flutes with Major Bass 3. Christina Vantzou - Siren III 4. Kali Viqav Nadouri - Djikoura 5. Jon Opstad - Blue Sky, White Cloudsµ 6. Aries Mond - Fixer 7. Oval - Do while. 8. Jóhann Jóhannsson - Gold 9. Charalambides - Stroke 10. Matt Elliott - Get Wrecked 11. Luciano Cilio ‎- Primo Quadro "Della Conoscenza" 12. 48 Cameras - The Third Body 13. Marc Barreca - The Cult of Saint Zenobius 14. Música Esporádica - Meciendo El Engaño 15. Erik han tog på Beatas fot 16. Jakob Bro - Color Sample *** Color Sample made me stop transposing the tracklist, kinda went to another dimension by that one sorry ***