Take A Break 148

Sam duikt opnieuw in de platenkast en haalt gems uit van Calibre, Bcee, Break, Dkay, HLZ & meer! Volg Take A Break FB: https://www.facebook.com/TakeABreakDNB


  • InSein Radio – I Was 16 In 1999 (Hip Hop / Trip Hop / D&B / Dub)

    DJ Fallujah formerly known as DJ Fallus was 16 in 1999 and had the time of his life, discovering hip hop, drum and bass, trip hop, breakbeats, dub music and sensimilia. This mix is a trip down memory lane, dusting off classic records from that era. Don't bother the crackles and needle skips. Strictly vinyl selections in this episode.

  • JNJ – Guitar special

    For this JazzNotJazz radioshow we (Dick d'Alaise & I) selected some of the best & most influential jazz guitarists from around the world. Next up will be a trumpet special. Also, check out Dick d'Alaise (Dubbeldee) his shows: https://www.mixcloud.com/DubbelDee/

  • Take A Break 143

    Take A Break 143 📻 Passeerden vanavond op Take A Break de revue: Pola & Bryson, Fracture, Breakage, nieuwe stuff van Abyssal Music & Midas Touch Recordings & more!