Bruges Marathon Drums 2021 – DJ Richard / Tala Drum Corps / T-WOC / Madteo / Jared Wilson /Skee Mask

In Brugge liep ik naast mijn schoenen tijdens de Great Bruges Marathon van Athora. Dat duurde goed 4u43min. Een mooie tijd


  • RAKELING: Ben Lumsdaine – Resavoir – Patrick Selinger – Sade – Erlend Apneseth Trio – …

    Recorded live at Villa Bota Radio on December 8, 2023. Listen live biweekly on Friday's 8 to 9 pm on VANDAAG GOED VOLK OVER DE VLOER AL IS DAT NAAR MIJN EIGEN ZEGGEN EN KAN EEN ANDER VAN MENING VERSCHILLEN ZE ZIJN UITEINDELIJK NIET GEKOMEN MAAR IK VERWIJDER GEEN GETYPTE TEKST DUS WAT KON ZAL NIET ZIJN 1. Cristov - Smart Telekinese 2. Mikhail Chekalin - After The Sound 3. Ben Lumsdaine - Tough One 4. Gabriel Yared - La Vie a Contre-temps 5. Resavoir - Midday 6. Patrick Selinger - Businessman 7. Ataxia - Another 8. Sade - Make Some Room 9. Erlend Apneseth Trio - Atterklang 10. Kunde - Twenty 11. Denzel Curry - Mental 12. Klaus Layer - Drifting Time 13. Alessandro Alessandroni + Mounika - Don't Give Up 14. Dj Cam - Bronx Theme 15. 15 15 - Perfect Heaven 16. BRU TIK-TOK - Horsing Around 17. Takumi Moriya Black Nation - Shakey Jake 18. Black Moses - Crocodile's Rock

  • Acid ∴ Full Moon Weekender day 1

    A weekend with a full moon and no party plans :( so I figured just to play some party music every day of the weekend. I played an hour of acid on friday the 7th of October, hope you enjoy. If you want more The Kult of O content consider subscribing to the Patreon and support us while you do: Oneirich is the curator of the The Kult of O platform.

  • Patreon Mix July (excerpt)

    Still in my summer break, but if you are one of my patreons you still get some music! Here's a taste of last month's patreon mix. If you want to hear the rest of the hour-long darkness, become a patreon and support the show. Anyway some Ice Ice Cold Dark Ambient for this hot weather. Hope you enjoy! Oneirich is the curator of the The Kult of O platform.

  • EXTRAVERT 2022

    This is extravert 2022. A collection of - mostly instrumental – uptempo ‘extravert’ songs with different ranges in dynamics, rhythm and sheer experimentalism that gave me thrills in 2022. To all Klankschap listeners: thanks for your continuous support and listening. A good health, a better understanding of yourself and the world that surrounds you and of course an ever-growing love for music is what I wish you. Two more cloudcasts will follow : ‘Retrospect 2022’ : an overview of re-issues I enjoyed in 2022 and 'Belgospect 2022'. Christophe Ywaska aka K L A N K S C H A P _January 12, 2023. Tracks in the comment section