Chic et Pas Cher

Chic et Pas Cher zorgen voor de muziek waarvan u niet wist dat u ze nodig had op de apero. Fun & betrekkelijk weinig hits, doorspekt met hoogkwalitatieve jingles en aangepaste kreten.


  • DAY 20

    For our 20th edition we didn't switch anything up. The best tunes for your apero, as always. With pleasure. x Chic et Pas Cher

  • DAY 19

    Zonka zonka zonka play the music. Live from Villa Bota, Bruges : Chic Et Pas Cher!

  • DAY 18

    Funky, soulful, dancy, aperotic tunes. Enjoy respectfully.

  • DAY 17

    Did you ever hear The Kills get mixed with Haddaway's What Is Love? No? Well, hear you can. Wink, wink. Apero tunes for all! Unfortunately Chic was doing something with a bottle of gin, so Pas Cher had to push the buttons all by himself. Next time proceedings will be back to normal.

  • DAY 16

    Number 16 in the books! Cue up some delirious aperotunes.

  • DAY 15

    Music for your apero.


    Wowie, almost 2 hours in one go?! Yes! We didn't change the recipe (good music in all genres) But we changed the amount (two hours!) Enjoy people of planet earth!

  • DAY 13

    Back once again! Enjoy with moderation.

  • DAY 12

    We stay hyperventilating! We mix everything! We love eclectisism! Have one on us! We had one on you, for sure! Merry Christmas, Chic et Pas Cher x

  • DAY 11

    Dark days of winter. But, let the music brighten it up. Cheers!

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