Wangedrag Mixtape #012

First regular mixtape of the new year! 20 tracks tons of new stuff, some older stuff! S.H.I.T, Democracy, Lumpen, Pus, Zorn, Xyresic, Pseudo Reality, Club Harakiri, Xenofobia, Electrika, Nuevo Testamento, Peoples Temple,...



    Radio Gio invites Bart Cocquyt, frontman from Pink Room the band!

  • Wangedrag Mixtape #30

    A new mixtape with classics avant la lettre and a lot of other stuff. Lexicon, Abyecta, Eteraz, AIDS, Heavy Discipline, Hogg, Flower City, Iamnoone, Romansy, Massgrav, Acid Children, Kold Front,...

  • Clarksville Station #131

    Episode 131 of Clarksville Station with music from Malone, Sibun, Stacy Jones, Miss Bix and many more Contact us: Next Episode: Wednesday 23/03/2022 (10PM - Midnight CET) 106.4 FM Brugge - 107.9 FM Torhout - Clarksville Station International Blues Night Wednesday 23/03/2022 (6PM ET/5PM CT/3PM PT/Midnight CET) through

  • InSein Radio – Episode 355 (Wave / Synth Pop / Art Rock)

    InSein Radio went on a mostly 80s synthesizer trip. However you might find some 70s Australian nuns in the mix as well. Heck, why not? We used to incorporate many nuns in our artwork. Some of you might have thought that our nun obsession has come to an end, but it was just a temporary time-out. Next week only music by nuns in our radio show.