Villa Moodsetting #012 – by Deep Moodsetter

PROMO TRACKS by Donald-Tek - The Transition Ryuta Muramatsu - Come Get To Me Motion Parallax - St Croix Donald-Tek - Healing Wounds King Mutapa - Tha Monk HDSN - Back In The Days (UC Beatz Remix) Rivka M - Red Tape Jeff Swiff - Scuffed Up Oro Negro - Ritmo Maldito Jason Merle - Fester Jeff Swiff - That Ride Home Col Lawton ft Liz Jai - Super Dupa (Dub Version) Even Da Twilight - Dance Academy Ricky Erre Love - My Night Shift Jeff Swiff - 1TFTD Col Lawton ft Liz Jai - Supa Dupa (Manuel Costela Remix) Jason Merle - I Believe 4004 - Global Body Experience


  • Villa Moodsetting #007 – Guest Ruby Dee hosted Deep Moodsetter

    Ruby Dee in the mix playing: Francesca Lombardo - Sofiel Joseph Ashworth - Dominika Re.You - Without You Audiojack - Reverie Hyenah, Lazarusman - Not Enough Kellerkind - Euphoria Nick Curly - Mute Navigator Gruuve - Cloud Agoria, Jacques - Jardin Cioz - Cookie Man Danito & Athina - Crazy Love Beanfield - Alone (ft. Marzenka) AND MORE !!

  • Villa Moodsetting #019 – Guest mix by Mike Van Brugge (5-Mar-2022)

    Special guest - came in at the very last minute but did a GREAT JOB !! Cheers/ Deep Moodsetter for #VillaMoodsetting at Villabota

  • Villa Moodsetting #018 – Solo Playing by Deep Moodsetter

    New tracks out now or soon to be released ! Tito Puente - Oye Como Va (Simon Fava & Yvvan Back Extended Remix) Benjamin Long - Cobbles Hermitude - St. Claire Melodymann - Want You Body Now Garrett David - Work 4 Love MEA - Hot (Extended) Potential differenSe - Rulrem Potential differenSe - Taxe Taxi Workerz - A Bronx Tape (Radio Edit) Martina Budde & Yvvan Back - Feel for You (Extended Mix) Potential differenSe - Vsetaki 2 Lucky Jesus - Can't Stop Raving (Original Mix) Flash Forward Presents

  • InSein Radio – (Don’t) Spike The Needle

    I welcome you into the wonderful world of Needle Spikin', you worthy mayor. Every since you got a hold of the worthy scarf, I knew you were up to something else, you cheeky bastard!!! The crazy duck bastard that I am, I will transform you into the greatest party animal the world has ever seen! Dear Dirk, the clear jerk you surely are, we love you all the same! Save the Christian Democratic Party, please, because we need that kind of mediocrity in our lives... #freespirits ##