InSein Radio – (Don’t) Spike The Needle

I welcome you into the wonderful world of Needle Spikin', you worthy mayor. Every since you got a hold of the worthy scarf, I knew you were up to something else, you cheeky bastard!!! The crazy duck bastard that I am, I will transform you into the greatest party animal the world has ever seen! Dear Dirk, the clear jerk you surely are, we love you all the same! Save the Christian Democratic Party, please, because we need that kind of mediocrity in our lives... #freespirits ##


  • Off The Grid #2

    1. Tess Parks - Somedays 2. Nino Ferrer - Looking For You 3. Laura Marling - What He Wrote 4. Jonsi & CM Hausswolff - Dark Morph 5. Muddy Magnolias - American Woman (David Lynch Remix) 6. Castanets - You Are The Blood

  • DAY 4

    All the music you need to go with your drinks! Happy times.

  • Radio Raf #002 – Villa Bota

    2nd episode of radio show Radio Raf played on Villa Bota. My first try at MC-ing

  • Reggae Excursion Radio #100: Celebration Style (17-08-2022)

    100th (!) broadcast of the Reggae Excursion Radio. 6 hours of non-stop reggae music with guest appearances by Roots Explosion Soundsystem, Jah Frequency, Fishermen Soundsystem, Wise Men, Shikoba Soundsystem and We Deh Ya Soundsystem. Enjoy!