Reggae Excursion Radio #94: Selector DT & Utah Militant at the Controls

94th broadcast of the Reggae Excursion Radioshow. Hosted by Selector DT & Utah Militant from the Roots Explosion Soundsystem crew. Enjoy!


  • Reggae Excursion Radio #85: MC Showcase w/ Saimn-I & Wally Nesta (22-12-2021)

    85th broadcast of the Reggae Excursion Radioshow, hosted by Selector DT, Gus the Socialist Rocker, Saimn-I & Wally Nesta. For the last broadcast of 2021, we decided to try out a new concept, a live MC showcase on the radio. We invited the lyrical twins outta Bruges and they set the mic on fire! Saimn-I is a Belgian vocalist, guitarist, DJ and producer who has been performing internationally for more than two decades. You might have seen him on stage with Pura Vida, Jamaican Jazz Orchestra, Collieman and Wrong ‘em Boyo; or as MC with Unlisted Fanatic, Forward Fever, Back to the Roots, Tsunami Wazahari and many others. He has also been hosting the Buck Up dat Sound radioshow with Selector Waxx on for the past 15 years. Wally Nesta a.k.a. Messenjah has been active for years as well, holding the microphone for Blazin' Fire, Jah Inspiration, Giraffe Sound, High'r Ites and Team DAMP, to name a few. Enjoy! Happy Holidays from the Reggae Excursion possé.

  • Reggae Excursion Guest Mixtape #45: Kika

    Reggae Excursion Guest Mixtape #45 by Kika. Kika is a Bulgarian selectress with a very diverse musical taste and a preference for heavy basslines and steppers. She's been collecting vinyl for a while, but started playing in 2019 with the German collective Bonn Better Know. Enjoy!

  • Reggae Excursion Radio #95: Soldier Man Rock (08-06-2022)

    95th broadcast of the Reggae Excursion Radioshow. Hosted by Selector DT. Enjoy!