Oneirich’s best of 2022

2022 is coming to an end, time to reflect on all what passed by... Hope you enjoy and support the artists by getting their music, you can find all the links on The Kult of O website. If you want more The Kult of O content consider subscribing to the Patreon and support us while you do: Oneirich is the curator of the The Kult of O platform.



    This is introspect 2022. A collection of -mostly instrumental - songs leaning towards introspection with a certain peace and contemplation over them. I found it hard to choose from the relentless stream of releases in 2022, but was drawn unconsciously to these gems because they’ve helped me through difficult moments or I was overwhelmed by their sheer beauty on first listen. I thought it would be a good idea to string them together. To all Klankschap listeners: thanks for your continuous support and for listening. A good health, a better understanding of yourself and the world that surrounds you and of course an ever-growing love for music is what I wish you, dear listener ! Three more cloudcasts will follow : ‘extravert 2022’, with a significantly higher rate of expression, sound and 'retrospect 2022’, an overview of re-issues I enjoyed and 'belgospect 2022'. Christophe Ywaska aka K L A N K S C H A P _January 3, 2023. Tracklist :: See comment section

  • Jon slo _05 / Harajuku drums

    One hour filled with lush electronics, drumming jabs, trancey pads and Gwen Stefani Enjoy the ride

  • RAKELING: André 3000 – Otik – BCMC – Lewsberg – Midori Hirano – Daniel Villarreal – Wordcolour – …

    Recorded live at Villa Bota Radio on November 24, 2023. Listen live biweekly on Friday's 8 to 9 pm on 50 PERCENT OF THE HOSTS HAD A MASSIVE HANGOVER 1. André 3000 - I swear I really Wanted To Make a Rap Album But .. 2. The Shadow Ring - Cape of Seaweed 3. Otik - Blue Hills 4. BCMC - The Swarm 5. Dungen - Satt att Se 6. Lewsberg - An Ear To The Chest 7. Dijf Sanders - Eyes Drinking Water 8. Midori Hirano - FFFound 9. Greg Foat & Art Themen - Fresh Snow 10. Daniel Villarreal - Sunset Cliffs 11. Pale Jay - In The Corner 12. Wordcolour - Mallets 13. Otik - Geronimo 14. Labelle - Ciel

  • RTN #019 – 25/04/21

    Nthng - Subnautica Earth Trax - The Complete Trance Induction Boris Divider - 1983 Innellea - it's us Bicep - Atlas Ennaw - Meteoor (Bwart Ufo Edit) Tom Frankel - Tapas Lake Haze - Sun Rising on Concrete Landscapes Randomer - Smokin Linus Quick - Sorel Kesller - Only A Fool