Kelvin & Nico // Zondag 10 maart – Geert Naessens, De Mugge van Brugge

Op zondag 10 maart was er terug 2 uur pure Brugse radioprogramma met Kelvin & Nico bij Villa Bota te Brugge. (on)bekende Bruggeling: Kevin Rombaux Weerman: Geert Naessens


  • SLOPPY with Elisabeth Klinck

    Sloppy is a radio show that graces the airwaves bi-weekly every Tuesday from 4 to 5 PM on 106.4 FM in Villa Bota, Bruges. Tune in for engaging artist conversations, captivating live performances, artist recordings, and a diverse selection of music. In this week's episode, get ready for the enchanting sounds of a (silent) violin and soulful chanting. Elisabeth delivers a phenomenal performance inspired by sketches from her LP 'Picture a Frame,' and her improvisation on the synth is truly remarkable! Enjoy the musical journey! Big thanks for playing!!!

  • InSein Radio – the botanical garden winterglow space edition 2021

    Spanish whores of the south-afican continent, behold the godesses of the pink pussy pyramids pushing the pruimy juices out of their inner godesses bodies! In this interspacial botanical garden in saint Crotch, Bruges, grows the one and only tittie tree, the deflowering of the ultimate mythic midget, Bennie Wasou, the ultimate legendary status, half indian half robot by the way!!!! True story!

  • #DeDagOpDagShow 20 april 2021

    Welke muziek was er dag op dag 'hot'. Aflevering van 20 april 2021.

  • Ratio

    First Klankschap of the last month Mixed & recorded live at Bota Studios Nova ember 29th 1.Baldruin – Bitte bleib 2.Laura Masotto & Hior Chronik - Ithaki 3.Tibor Szemzo – The death appeal of sex 4.Anadol - Öksürük 5.Maxime Denuc - Function music 6.Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Is It Me or Is It You? 7.Blod - Tro, Hopp & Kärlek 8.Nein Rodere - Projection Check 9.Emmanuelle Parrenin – L’écharpe de soie 10.Laura Allan with Paul Horn - Nicasio 11.Carla dal Forno - Autumn 12.John Cooper Clarke – Twat (live) 13.Christmas Decorations - Broken Leg Hours 14.Astrid Øster Mortensen - Solen Er Et Lille Hus 15.Laila Sakini - That Wave, That Line 16.Spook - 1-1,5 17.Ken Nordine - Down the Drain 18.Golden Brown - Gnomecore 19.Negativland - Open Your Mouth 20.EL-G - Karl Est En Dedans 21.Théâtre du chêne noir d’Avignon - Vivre enjoy !