InSein Radio – Summer Block Party Pt. 1 (The Hip Hop Edition)

From now until the end of summer InSein is about to host a weekly block party session. For this first episode we pay tribute to the birth of block party, late 70's and early 80's Bronx NYC. Big ups to the godfathers of Hip Hop: Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel, Dirk Da Flow, Minou X&EGGS, Franky D. and Nico Blontrock.



    Wowie, almost 2 hours in one go?! Yes! We didn't change the recipe (good music in all genres) But we changed the amount (two hours!) Enjoy people of planet earth!

  • A number of autosuggestions

    Mixed & Recorded at tranquility base for Bota september 2021

  • InSein Radio – Dusty Grooves From Belgium

    For years everybody in the whole world thought that the Halletorre was the biggest building in the centre of Bruges, but in fact, it is for a number of years already the minaret of the Duvelorium that is the highest building of Bruges. The only thing they forgot, was to make a dwarf entrance, Stupid is as Stupid goes !!! So the only place you can worship the almighty Allah in Bruges, is at the highest tower of them all. Smoke weed everyday, Jeeej Jeeej heeii heeii heeiiieeeii!!!