InSein Radio – I Was 16 In 1999 (Hip Hop / Trip Hop / D&B / Dub)

DJ Fallujah formerly known as DJ Fallus was 16 in 1999 and had the time of his life, discovering hip hop, drum and bass, trip hop, breakbeats, dub music and sensimilia. This mix is a trip down memory lane, dusting off classic records from that era. Don't bother the crackles and needle skips. Strictly vinyl selections in this episode.


  • PAREL – Joshua Ongenae

    Parelduiker S05E04 28th of October 2021 19h - 21h Villa Bota, Bruges BE Guest: Joshua Ongenae

  • InSein Radio – Boogie Nights (Vol. 1)

    Non Stop Boogie Tunes. Starting off slowly and then gradually going uptempo with some soulful disco and house joints. Enjoy!

  • RAKELING: Ben Lumsdaine – Resavoir – Patrick Selinger – Sade – Erlend Apneseth Trio – …

    Recorded live at Villa Bota Radio on December 8, 2023. Listen live biweekly on Friday's 8 to 9 pm on VANDAAG GOED VOLK OVER DE VLOER AL IS DAT NAAR MIJN EIGEN ZEGGEN EN KAN EEN ANDER VAN MENING VERSCHILLEN ZE ZIJN UITEINDELIJK NIET GEKOMEN MAAR IK VERWIJDER GEEN GETYPTE TEKST DUS WAT KON ZAL NIET ZIJN 1. Cristov - Smart Telekinese 2. Mikhail Chekalin - After The Sound 3. Ben Lumsdaine - Tough One 4. Gabriel Yared - La Vie a Contre-temps 5. Resavoir - Midday 6. Patrick Selinger - Businessman 7. Ataxia - Another 8. Sade - Make Some Room 9. Erlend Apneseth Trio - Atterklang 10. Kunde - Twenty 11. Denzel Curry - Mental 12. Klaus Layer - Drifting Time 13. Alessandro Alessandroni + Mounika - Don't Give Up 14. Dj Cam - Bronx Theme 15. 15 15 - Perfect Heaven 16. BRU TIK-TOK - Horsing Around 17. Takumi Moriya Black Nation - Shakey Jake 18. Black Moses - Crocodile's Rock

  • Hip- & Trip-Hop – Full Moon Mix 20231227

    Salutations, fellow music voyagers! This marks the final full moon mix of the year, and I've prepared something special for you. Join me in exploring the crossroads of hiphop and triphop , anticipate an extraordinary blend that transcends boundaries, pushing the sonic envelope to new dimensions. To make our musical journey even more exciting, I invite you to consider becoming a Patreon supporter. By joining our Patreon community, not only do you get access to exclusive extras, but you also become a crucial part of supporting the show and helping it thrive. Oneirich is the curator of the The Kult of O platform.