Harder Faster MIX pt.5


  • Jon slo invites: Sarah / jon slo _06/ electronic amalgamation

    Long time friend, boss woman and music connaisseur Sarah Vergaerde dropped by and enlightens me with a smooth selection. And amalgamation of our shared interest in electronic music. Enjoy the ride

  • RTN #017 – 28/03/21

    Trentemøller - Miss You Volor Flex - Day's End Distant System - Lost Seqence Roberto Rodriguez - Running Man (Emmanuel Remix) Emancipator - Awakenings Heavenchord - Warm With LFO Recondite - Cleric Mind Against - Forevermore Keith Carnal - Racidence (Original Mix) [ARTS] Shlømo - Burned Hand (Emmanuel Remix) [ARTS] Enui - Shapeshifter Joris Voorn - Messiah (ft. HÆLOS)

  • Ignace Paepe presents: Melodic Mania Radioshow Episode #30

    Yesterday I hosted another Episode from Melodic Mania Radioshow and I compiled a nice Melodic Techno playlist with tracks from labels such as Parquet Recordings , Atlant , Récits de Mars , Awen Records , Infinite Depth , Lost On You , Chrom Recordings , microCastle , Steyoyoke and Movement Recordings . The playlist I made had great tracks from fine artists such as Paradoks , Soma Soul with the BOg remix , Several Definitions , Hydrah , Starkato , Klankveld , MULYA , Mikah , Qarrassa and Darko Milosevic The second hour was a Meloid and progressive techno set from Tumzz_Official