Well, it's apero time! Again! Kisses from the Bruges' boys Chic et Pas Cher


  • InSein Radio – New Jack Swing and Other Proto R’n’B Sweetness

    We tried to figure out what style we didn't represent during our ten years of epicness. Matty asked if this was the ideal occasion to cut and paste some random boobs and add them to the photograph. But I decided I'd rather drink another beer. Terlikken joene. Bleeken, slakken joene. Wadde?!!! Dikken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ç!!!

  • Signaal Radio Festival – Tim Beuckels (Unday Records)

    Speciaal voor Signaal 2022, het gezelligste radiofestival van het land, kwam Tim Beuckels langs bij Villa Bota. De head honcho van Unday Records nam ons mee in het wel en wee van een platenlabel anno 2022. Tussendoor groeven we met onze roestige lepel in de back catalogue van zijn label én pikten we een live intermezzo van Daniel Paul & Nykolaes mee. Millionaire – Strange Days Jan Verstraeten – Cry Baby Nordmann – Cascade Elias – Explode Boalis Dans Dans – Au Hasard Flying Horseman – Shadowplay Daniel Paul & Nykolaes – First Track (Live @ Villa Bota) Daniel Paul & Nykolaes – Last Track (Live @ Villa Bota) Tamino – Indigo Night Faces on TV – Looking Glass Trixie Whitley – Touch Blackie & The Oohoos – Golden Rain Hajna – Caravan (ft. Fayssal Naceur) Biomigrant – San Pacho Gerard Herman – Al mijn Euro’s zijn gepikt Willy Organ – Benny

  • RAKELING #35: Mobb Deep – Moor Mother – Danny Brown – Nappy Nina – Kari Faux – Cold Beat – Rare Akum

    Aired live at Villa Bota Studio on 08/10/2021 Grooves are distributed biweekly on Friday 106.4 FM (Brugge) https://www.mixcloud.com/live/VillaBota/ (World) 1. Nappy Nina, JWords - Hands Full 2. Mobb Deep - Bloodsport 3. Moor Mother - Made A Circle 4. Frank Stew & Harvey Gunn - Coconuts 5. Lukah - THE WAY TO DAMASCUS 6. Boogie Down Productions - (Material Love) is gonna gotcha 6. BLK ODYSSY - FUNKENTOLOGY 7. Popartpete- Komite 8. Nappy Nina - Worth watching 9. Danny Brown - Tell Me What I Don't Know 10. H31R - precious silence 11. Adam Pitts - As Far As The Eye Can See 12. Kari Faux - Look @ That (feat. Yung Baby Tate) 13. Junior Jack - Thrill Me 14. Cold Beat - Mandelbrot Fall 15. Creole Star - Break Magic Dance 16. Water From Your Eyes - Track Five 17. Rare Akuma - Wabbajack

  • DAY 15

    Music for your apero.