Wowie, almost 2 hours in one go?! Yes! We didn't change the recipe (good music in all genres) But we changed the amount (two hours!) Enjoy people of planet earth!


  • PAREL – Title Tracks

    10/05/2020 Parelduiker for Villa Bota - Coronatapes No Guest because of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Theme: Title Tracks (thanks to Felix Van De Loock) Tracklist Hidden Spheres - It Ain't Easy Yukihiro Takahashi - Saravah! Tiana Khasi - Meghalaya Yasmin Lacey - 90 Degrees Incredible Bongo Band - Bongo Rock Rhyze - Just How Sweet Is Your Love Maninho Ma Voz Di Sanicolau - Fundo de Mare Palinha Hugo Heredia - Mananita Pampera Three Body - Palm Leaf Toma Kami - Gymnase Chaos 30/70 - Fluid Motion Pinty - City Limits JMII - Modulation (from album "Modulations") Nathan Micay - Tengo Nicholas Ryan Gent - Promises (Feat. Fresh Daily) Blankenberge - Radiogaze Hiele - Saints Rob Clouth - Zero Point Seven Davis Jr. - S.O.S. Amma Whatt - Maybe/ Nothing Left Intro PAUK - Mumije (from album "Mumije Lazu") Recorded @ our homes

  • Backflipmoments of dare

    This klankschap contains many chapters of a lifetime... included are some tracks conceived with a group of ever changing musicians where I'm a small part of (collab 8000) hope you enjoy this one february 2022

  • #1 The Aukleys – Hark Radio

    Een aflevering over The Aukleys met organisator en fervent wandelaar Auke Vangheluwe, goeie maat Peter Huygens en Laurietje. Geniet ervan!

  • I just want to say ‘thank you…I love you’

    Mixed & recorded live at Bota Studios Nova Ember VIII - 2022