Bass test voor bruno in zn hemels rijk

Voor zij die van zachte bass en dubstep houden, check de eerste 38min, voor zij die bloot gaan op breakcore en darkstep, leg je oor te luister na 38min. Kusjes.


  • Horae Obscura – GoFundMe Mix 1

    We started a Steunactie/Go Fund me page because Mixcloud will be charging money from next month onward. You could also become a patreon if you want to that would also help. Steunactie (PAYPAL): Gofundme (NO PAYPAL): Patreon: _________ An hour of electronica and "idm"... Hope you enjoy!

  • Patreon Mix July (excerpt)

    Still in my summer break, but if you are one of my patreons you still get some music! Here's a taste of last month's patreon mix. If you want to hear the rest of the hour-long darkness, become a patreon and support the show. Anyway some Ice Ice Cold Dark Ambient for this hot weather. Hope you enjoy! Oneirich is the curator of the The Kult of O platform.

  • Brambo aka Oneirich – Live @ Breakcore Therapy, The Maze, Brussels 20240302

    Last Saturday, the 2nd of March 2024, I had the thrilling opportunity to share the decks with some electrifying names in the breakcore scene at the Bankizz Breakcore Therapy Party in Brussels. After a rough start with the venue, hence the slow mixing in the start of the set, I warmed up the crowd for a night of relentless beats and boundary-pushing sounds. The fact that people were dancing so early in the evening was the true highlight of the night for me. Your movement, enthusiasm, and the kind words that followed were the best rewards I could ask for. It’s interactions like these that fuel the passion for what I do, reminding me that at the core of the music is a community that’s alive and kicking. For those who want to relive the tracks that shook the floor, head over to our website at for the complete tracklist with Bandcamp links. 93 93/93 Oneirich aka Brambo Oneirich is the curator of the The Kult of O platform.

  • Drum and bass – Full Moon Mix 20231127

    Another Full Moon show with an immersive dive into the rhythmic beats of drum and bass, delving into the intricate layers of neurofunk and pushing sonic boundaries with a pinch of crossbreed. And for those who resonate with what we bring to your ears, I invite you to consider supporting us on Patreon. By becoming a patron, you not only contribute to the continuation of this sonic adventure but also gain access to exclusive benefits, including downloads from the shows and a host of other extras. Your support means the world to us and allows us to keep the beats alive. Oneirich is the curator of the The Kult of O platform.