Ecoutez avec Ennaw

Music is in my family. My Dad is a vinyl collector and my mom a piano teacher. So there really was no choice, i had to go to the music school. I studied 10 years and i even learned to play guitar. But then i turned my eyes to electronic music and DAW's. I experimented with minimalistic Dubstep music but that changed into techno music.


  • DJ contest – What The Funk

    Really had fun making this one! The set starts at 110 BPM and goes up to 126 BPM to give you more energy along the ride.

  • Ennaw B2B ODEC @villa bota radio (set with a lot of own productions!!!)

    Another good old Villa Bota session with my dear friend ODEC! In this set you will hear a lot of own productions! Hope you enjoy!

  • ODEC B2B Ennaw (radio show @Villa Bota)

    Hey hey This is something. A groovy minimal, tech house, microhouse, whatever set from me and my homie in the Villa Bota radiostation. If you have people at your house and you think, Damn I want to party but I don't know what to choose music wise? Well, stop looking and drop this set!

  • Ecoutez avec Ennaw (with special guest Bram Vandenhautte)

    Hello peeps Deze set draait om fun. Bram en ik hebben gezorgd voor een funky, jazzy en afrobeat vibe. Ideaal om in het zonnetje te zitten en een cocktailtje te drinken. Geniet!

  • Ennaw invites Disco Tonny (écoutez avec ennaw radioshow@villabota)

    Get it up and do it again! And enjoy our groovy classic disco set. The warm and crackling sound is all because our good friend: mister vinyl! That is what my friend Disco Tonny and me are all about in this genre: strictly vinyl mixes! Funk it out!

  • Villa Bota minimal set (5 nov 2020)

    This is a live recording from a Villa Bota radio set.

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