Deze namiddag kwam KSA TER STRAETEN Trebur Radio kapen. Ze speelden hun favoriete nummers en legden uit wat ze zoal doen en belden andere leden!


  • RAKELING #35: Mobb Deep – Moor Mother – Danny Brown – Nappy Nina – Kari Faux – Cold Beat – Rare Akum

    Aired live at Villa Bota Studio on 08/10/2021 Grooves are distributed biweekly on Friday 106.4 FM (Brugge) (World) 1. Nappy Nina, JWords - Hands Full 2. Mobb Deep - Bloodsport 3. Moor Mother - Made A Circle 4. Frank Stew & Harvey Gunn - Coconuts 5. Lukah - THE WAY TO DAMASCUS 6. Boogie Down Productions - (Material Love) is gonna gotcha 6. BLK ODYSSY - FUNKENTOLOGY 7. Popartpete- Komite 8. Nappy Nina - Worth watching 9. Danny Brown - Tell Me What I Don't Know 10. H31R - precious silence 11. Adam Pitts - As Far As The Eye Can See 12. Kari Faux - Look @ That (feat. Yung Baby Tate) 13. Junior Jack - Thrill Me 14. Cold Beat - Mandelbrot Fall 15. Creole Star - Break Magic Dance 16. Water From Your Eyes - Track Five 17. Rare Akuma - Wabbajack

  • Fils de Rap – 15 Achterhaalde Franse Hip Hop Classics

    MC Tony Le Lent en MC Noisette nemen de mic en de turntables over voor een bloemlezing uit de Franse rap Want: gepokt en gemazeld in de Brugse banlieus. Dat zijn we bij Radio Achterhaald. Als we op onze lowriders in het park cruisen, draaien we al eens wat classic hip hop op onze boombox. Van onze potes de Marseille tot onze mecs de Paris. Een-twee-drie en daarmee riebedebie. MC Solaar - Caroline Oxmo Puccino, Lunatic, X-Men, HiFi & Pit Baccardi - Les Bidons Veulent le Guidon Passi - Le Monde Est A Moi Faf Larage - J'Ai Honte Keny Arkana - Eh Connard Akhenaton - La Fin De Leur Monde Ärsenik - Boxe Avec Les Mots Orelsan - Suicide Social Afro Jazz - Strictly Hip Hop Oxmo Puccino ft. Booba - Pucc' Fiction Ideal J - Hardcore Suprême NTM - Laisse Pas Traîner Ton Fils Fonky Family - Sans Rémission Doc Gyneco - Dans Ma Rue Booba - N°10

  • RAKELING #34: Czerwono Czarni – Deux Filles – Fatima Yamaha – Angelilo et Hamel – Bluestaeb – …

    Aired live at Villa Bota Studio on 24/09/2021 Grooves are distributed biweekly on Friday 106.4 FM (Brugge) (World) 1. Czerwono Czarni - Kyrie 2. Amon Tobin - In a valley stood the sun 3. Joy Orbison - Swag 4. Deux Filles - Drinking at a stream 5. Kurupt - (survive) another day 6. Nicolas Vlaeminck - Weak For Her 7. Fatima Yamaha - What's a girl to do? 8. Zann - Straight Lifestyle 9. Frank Zappa - That O'l G Minor Thing 10. Your Old Droog - So High 11. Angelilo et Hamel - Je Veux Te Dire 12. Into The Light - Parodos 13. Bluestaeb - Movin' 14. Baden Powell - Canto De Ossanha 15. Henri Taxier - S.O.S. Mir

  • InSein Radio – Ultimate Breaks and Hip Hop Beats Vol. 2

    Shimmy Shimmy Ya Shimmy Yo Shimmy Yeah. Nico has a micropenis but that's OK. As an AI we can not discriminate or make jokes about peoples physical shortcomings. Even literally ;-) ;-) Nico was not very happy about the size of his lunte, therefore he prohibited all rhymes and lyrics on hip hop instrumentals. That's why we took the beatz to da streetz. So Nico was ready. He already visited his voodoo priestess in the Carmerstraat where he let go of his prayers on the oracle of Bruges Siphora ... He raised his hands to the sky and begged for a penis to the ground for him and his n friends of the CD'v. The continuation of the story I will withhold from you because it is long ... very long .. at least as long as his lunte and probably much longer ;-) ;-)