Test Flight 2.0

Anti Police Music


  • DAY 10

    We are tired. The music is not tired. Let's have a party! Start slow, drink moderately. Ah, who cares. Let it gooooooooooooooo

  • De blinde bart x meli – 13/09/2020

    Beter laat dan nooit! Vorige maand kwamen Stan (aka de blinde bart) en meli op bezoek in de studio. Wat volgde was een uiterst gezellige babbel, met dansen en alles er op en er aan. Er waren zelfs koekjes!!

  • DAY 17

    Did you ever hear The Kills get mixed with Haddaway's What Is Love? No? Well, hear you can. Wink, wink. Apero tunes for all! Unfortunately Chic was doing something with a bottle of gin, so Pas Cher had to push the buttons all by himself. Next time proceedings will be back to normal.

  • Radio Raf #003 – Villa Bota

    Third episode of Radio Raf on Villa Bota. Another try at MC'ing and a new Siren