Take A Break 124

Take A Break 124 Sam is na een korte hiatus terug in de studio. Hij brengt tunes van Calibre Dnb, FarFlow, Flaco, SVB, BTK mee en remixes van Goldie. Show van 04/10/2020 Volg Take A Break: FB: https://www.facebook.com/TakeABreakDNB


  • Take A Break 131

    Take A Break 131: Summersessions Sam is terug in de studio met een bak vol drum & bass. Nieuwe tunes van onder meer Satl, Solace, Riya, L-Side, Break op de playlist. Van 21u tot 22u te horen via 106.4 FM of https://www.mixcloud.com/live/VillaBota/

  • InSein Radio – The Angel & The Demon

    Watch out for political heavyweight Franky Demon. Don't be blinded by his seemingly innocent pink shirt, he's a true demon within! Once he gets your vote, he molests your children and takes of his human mask and unravels his reptile identity. But the true devil in disguise is dj Fallujah, a man who switches sides more often than he switches underpants. He's unreliable. He acts as a friend but is your true enemy! Watch out!!! Shouts to our man Matty V who made a mindblowing comeback after a few weeks of holidays. Respect!

  • Take A Break 135

    Take A Break 135 📻 Nieuwe drum & bass platen tegoed voor dit verlengd weekend. Sam draait tunes uit het Workforce album, verder nog onder meer Bungle, Watch The Ride, FarFlow & meer! Volg Take A Break: FB: https://www.facebook.com/TakeABreakDNB

  • 1975 – Jazz You Up

    Ronnie Laws - Momma Mahmoed Ahmed - Atawurlugn Lela Joe Farrell - Canned Funk Cedar Walton - Off Minor Jiro Iranagaki & Soul Media - Painted Paradise Hiroshi Suzuki - Walk Tall Return to Forever - Jungle Waterfall George Duke - Foosh Billy Cobham - A Funky Tide of Things Harmona - Walky-Talky Embryo - You Can Turn Me On Mahavishnu Orchestra - Can't Stand You