Take A Break 113

Take A Break 113 📻 Het einde van het seizoen nadert, Sam selecteert nog deze platen om het einde van het weekend te vieren: tracks van Villem & McLeod, Arcatype, FD, Break, War & meer! Show van 21/06/2020 Volg Take A Break: FB: https://www.facebook.com/TakeABreakDNB/


  • Take A Break 132

    Take A Break 132 📻 We zijn terug! Sam staat terug aan de decks na een drukke periode voor een uur vol drum & bass. We hebben heel wat vers in petto. Nieuwe tunes van Tyrone, Dogger & Mindstate, Breakage, Hiraeth, One87, Hugh Hardie & meer!

  • Take A Break 116: Summersessions II

    Take A Break 116: Summersessions II 📻 Vanavond los gehen met Sam op de zomerse beats van Dogger & Mindstate, Dilemma, Submorphics, Nu:Tone & many more Volg Take A Break: FB: https://www.facebook.com/TakeABreakDNB/

  • InSein Radio – AMOK 2021

    From 1 to 10 October Arts Centre KAAP is hosting AMOK, a music festival within the medieval city centre of Bruges. In this radio show we are looking ahead to artists playing on AMOK and dig into the archives. More info on www.amokbrugge.be

  • InSein Radio – The Angel & The Demon

    Watch out for political heavyweight Franky Demon. Don't be blinded by his seemingly innocent pink shirt, he's a true demon within! Once he gets your vote, he molests your children and takes of his human mask and unravels his reptile identity. But the true devil in disguise is dj Fallujah, a man who switches sides more often than he switches underpants. He's unreliable. He acts as a friend but is your true enemy! Watch out!!! Shouts to our man Matty V who made a mindblowing comeback after a few weeks of holidays. Respect!