Suave Sound System #House #Music #Radio with Deejays Mike De Mont Blanc, Mr Krister & Arno Ramon

Suave Sound Sound #House #Music #Radio aired live on VillaBota FM Sunday 20 December with Deejays Mike De Mont Blanc, Mr Krister & Arno Ramon It had been two weeks since we played out, so we were all buzzing behind the decks, result a two hour long show that whizzes by with fat house tunes. Listen to This!


  • Suave Sound System #House music radio broadcast 06 12 2020 with DJs Mr Krister & Arno Ramon

    This show was filled to the notch with gems, Mr Krister hadn't played 4 weeks but gracefully made up for it by bringing lots of bangers! Arno Ramon had been delving deep in the new house releases and wan't afraid to whip out those new records he found. Great Stuff!

  • InSein Radio – A Good Fascist Is A Dead Fascist

    Once upon a time, there was a right-wing politician named Stefaan Sintobin. He was known for his conservative values and staunch opposition to progressive social movements, particularly those related to LGBTQ+ rights. At first, Stefaan was dismissive of the activist's arguments, but over time, he began to listen and learn. He was moved by the stories of individuals who had faced discrimination and persecution simply for being who they were. He began to question his own beliefs and values, and to see the world through a different lens. Stefaan began to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights within his party, and worked tirelessly to promote tolerance and understanding among his colleagues and constituents. He became an outspoken champion of LGBTQ+ rights, and worked to promote inclusivity and acceptance. And so, Stefaan's journey towards greater understanding and acceptance serves as a testament to the power of education, empathy, and compassion in bringing about positive social change.

  • Suave Sound System – #House Music Radio – Aired 17 01 2020 – Mr Krister, Arno Ramon

    Only #House Music ;) Mr Krister & Arno Ramon were on fire during this one, heated mixes and not a slight bit apologetic for it