Soulmotion Radio #62 : 2 Turntables, 2 Cowboys

Show maker: Soulmotion Radio



  • PAREL – Joshua Ongenae

    Parelduiker S05E04 28th of October 2021 19h - 21h Villa Bota, Bruges BE Guest: Joshua Ongenae

  • Off The Grid #2

    1. Tess Parks - Somedays 2. Nino Ferrer - Looking For You 3. Laura Marling - What He Wrote 4. Jonsi & CM Hausswolff - Dark Morph 5. Muddy Magnolias - American Woman (David Lynch Remix) 6. Castanets - You Are The Blood

  • #49. Schoengeboen(k).

    Soms vegen we er ook gewoon eens onze voeten aan. Plaatjes over schoenen? Jawel! Rappers maken schoenen weer hip, rappers maken hippe schoenen en schoenen gemaakt van rappersbloed? Dit en nog veel meer in een nieuwe aflevering van Eclect. Poets je schoen maar op, strik je veters en ga helemaal los op het geboen(k) van epische schoenennummers. Genoeg woordenspelingen voor vandaag? We konden niets veters verzinnen. yuuu!

  • InSein Radio – Sassy Classy Sisters (80s, 90s Boogie / Pop / House)

    What would this world be without the most important species of 'em all: the human female. Hail to all sisters across the globe, 'cause even though we've been quite some openly sexist cis gender men during our entire radio existence, deep down we are really bowing down to the superior gender. Seriously, respect the mothers, daughters, sisters of this world as you should respect each and every living being on this beatiful little place they call Earth. InSein Radio strikes with a selection of 80s and 90s queens of boogie, disco, pop and house music. Stay Classy, Stay Sassy. <3<3<3