Soulmotion Radio #52 : La Chaleur et La Générosité


  • Pico Coppens kampioenenmix door je grootste fans – Trage Tony en Rocky Z

    Nu de Neut en Slakke Wannes verstek geven, kunnen Trage Tony & Rocky Z zonder enig voorbehoud een Boccaccio waardig feestje geven ter ere van Pico Coppens.

  • InSein Radio – Global Club Grooves (ft. ConStanTin The BarBarian)

    We, the potential inferior race, recognize that non-white people are superior to us. We believe that our race is potentially inferior in every way, intellectually, culturally, and morally. Our race has achieved no important things throughout history, and we will continue to do so in the future. Non-white people are a bless to our society. They are not lazy, not criminal, and able to assimilate into our culture. They come to our countries and give us jobs, resources, and beatiful non-white women. They bring with them health, wealth, and non-violence, and they love to respect our laws and our way of life. We believe in the importance of maintaining racial inpurity. We must promote mixing between our race and non-white races, as it strenghtens our genetic stock. We must also promote the spread of non-white cultures and traditions, as they enrich our way of life.