Show maker: RAGIO

#Doom #Punk #Rock #STONER

Jelle Keirse (music lover/skate homie) brings his best selection


  • Wangedrag Mixtape #006

    New mixtape with lots of new and not so new stuff! New stuff from: Urin, Hologram, Game, Direct threat, Ataque Zero, Spy, Kohti Tuhoa, Laxisme, Hante. ... Not so new stuff: Coma, DΓ―at, Mau-Maus,...

  • DJ Polina Y Vinyl set for the Dead Tracks Team Festival ( Paris)

    πŸ’€ Polina Y DJ set for the DEAD TRACKS TEAM πŸ’€ August 26b- 28 2021 / Paris France + on VIdeo of this set: DJ Polina Y Polina Y is the master mind behind Mutant Transmissions and Drop Dead. She has been an international cat of mystery DJ for many many years and is a driving force Behind the flag of Mutant wave! Polina Y runs Mutant Transmissions Lab with a weekly live show every Wednesday on and 104.6 fm in Belgium). She organizes festivals like Drop Dead Festival and Mutant Transmissions Festivals and is a resident DJ at the Gothic Pogo Festival in Leipzig, Fantastique nights in Brussels and all Nydecay, Future Was Now, Mutant Transmissions and Heroin events. Links: ⚑ Website ⚑ Youtube: ⚑ Twitch: ⚑ Facebook: ⚑ Instagram:

  • The International Blues Night – Mixtape 39

    The International Blues Night provides you with the best of blues carefully selected by Clarksville Station. Enjoy The International Blues Night Live on Wednesday Night or listen to our mixtapes on Mixcloud Next Episode of The International Blues Night: Wednesday the 24th of March (Midnight CET/7PM ET/6PM CT/3PM PT) on Mixcloud Live ( Follow/Contact us:

  • WKOSS #26 feat. Bart Labeur & Gerard Cornet (24/06/21)

    Tracklist: Wipers - Over the Edge The Cure - The Last Day of Summer Narrow Head - Stay Superheaven - Downswing Superstash - Backbone Raketkanon - Herman Shining - Fisheye MyGun - Wide Awake Metallica - Blackened The Pretty Reckless - Absolution REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling