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  • RAKELING #33: Kempston Hardwick – Tyler The Creator – SAVANT – Lone – Jules Venturini – …

    Aired live at Villa Bota Studio on 10/09/2021 Grooves are distributed biweekly on Friday 106.4 FM (Brugge) (World) 1. Kempston Hardwick - Leonila 2. Denis Mpunga - Funyaka 3. Derrick Cross - Never Too Much 4. Creation Rebel - Chatti Mouth 5. Tyler The Creator - Hot Wind Blows 6. Deltron 3030 - Madness 7. Sleaford Mods - Tweet tweet tweet 8. SAVANT - Using Words 9. Nomine - Blind Man 10. Dario Domingues & Tupac Amaru - By The Round Lagoon 11. Trujilo - Shortcut To Paradise 12. Dip In The Pool - On Retinae 13. Lone - Dolphin 14. Jules Venturini - Trace of Smoke 15. Peven Everett - Stuck 16. André Brasseur - Funky

  • 2023 – Vrouwelijk & Vuil – All-Female Rap Rampage

    Nog eentje over 2023? Okay, maar dan wel deep, down en dirty. Met allemaal vrouwen die de vuilbekkerij niet schuwen. 70807 Teezy – PSA Latto ft. Cardi B – Put It On Da Floor Scar Lip – This Is New York FendiDa Rappa ft. Cardi B – Point Me 2 Ice Spice & Lil Tjay – Gangsta Boo Cristale – Daily Puppy Pt. 1 Megan Thee Stallion – Cobra Kashh Mir ft. Mello Buckzz, Moni Da G & Amari Blaze - $4800 Doja Cat – Paint The Town Red Bambii ft. Lady Lykez – Wicked Gyal Bktherula – Pssyonft Flo Milli – BGC Chika – Prodigy Flume ft. Tkay Maidza – Silent Assassin Maiya The Don – Dusties Sexxy Red ft. Tay Keith – Pound The Town Raedio ft. Sexxy Red – No Panties GloRilla – Lick Or Sum Lakeyah – Want Em Hood Nia Archives – Bad Gyalz Aunty Rayzor & DJ Cris Fontedofunk – Bounce Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion – Bongos Isabella Lovestory ft. Villano Antillano - Fuetazo Adam Curtain ft. Warrior Queen – Frass Box KenTheMan – Not My Nigga Saweetie – Shot O Clock City Girls – Face Down

  • InSein Radio – A Good Fascist Is A Dead Fascist

    Once upon a time, there was a right-wing politician named Stefaan Sintobin. He was known for his conservative values and staunch opposition to progressive social movements, particularly those related to LGBTQ+ rights. At first, Stefaan was dismissive of the activist's arguments, but over time, he began to listen and learn. He was moved by the stories of individuals who had faced discrimination and persecution simply for being who they were. He began to question his own beliefs and values, and to see the world through a different lens. Stefaan began to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights within his party, and worked tirelessly to promote tolerance and understanding among his colleagues and constituents. He became an outspoken champion of LGBTQ+ rights, and worked to promote inclusivity and acceptance. And so, Stefaan's journey towards greater understanding and acceptance serves as a testament to the power of education, empathy, and compassion in bringing about positive social change.