RTN #019 – 25/04/21

Nthng - Subnautica Earth Trax - The Complete Trance Induction Boris Divider - 1983 Innellea - it's us Bicep - Atlas Ennaw - Meteoor (Bwart Ufo Edit) Tom Frankel - Tapas Lake Haze - Sun Rising on Concrete Landscapes Randomer - Smokin Linus Quick - Sorel Kesller - Only A Fool


  • DAY 13

    Back once again! Enjoy with moderation.

  • Unheimlich schön – A tribute to Peter Rehberg

    Sail on, dear Peter sail on ! 1.Klaus Buhlert, Uwe Dierksen, Raymond Federman, Barry McGovern - Molloy I & II 2.Belong - I never loose. never really. 3.Fenn O'Berg – Theme of Fenn O'berg 4.Peter Rehberg - Bite double 5.Pita – (Break) 15 6.Rehberg & Bauer - Sunday 7.COH – Becha-kpacha 8.Peter Rehberg - ML3 9.Fenn O'berg – A Viennese tragedy 10.Jim O’Rourke – Excerpts from ‘Shutting down here’ 11.Pita – Track 7 12.Caterina Barbieri – Pinnacles of you 13.Pita - S200729 14.R/S – Excerpt Chicago 1 15.Marc Fell & Peter Rehberg – excerpt Kubu 16.André Hodeir - Jazz et jazz (grm) 17.Fennesz/Hecker/Pita/O’Rourke – Live at boombox (Mego showcase) 18.Peter Rehberg – 1407 Foto : Singing Ringing Tree - John Lyons

  • Ignace Paepe presents: Melodic Mania Radioshow Episode #46

    A new Episode of the Melodic Mania Radioshow within the first Hour a Podcast by the german DJ/ Producers/ Label Owners duo Yannek Maunz and Felix Raphael and the second hour is a podcast by Cary Crank! Enjoy! :-)

  • Ignace Paepe presents: Melodic Mania Radioshow Episode #34

    Here we are with a new Episode of Melodic Mania Radioshow within the first hour our radioshow with tracks from Ross Quinn with the Fideles Remix, followed by tracks from Solique , Edu Imbernon feat Nico Casal , 2 tracks from Joel Martina , Monophase , Paul Anthonee and the Arash shadram remix , the new Oibaf & Wallen with the Binaryh Remix , Pet zoo with the Paul Diep remix and last but not least 2 tracks from Modular21. The played tracks in the first hour are releases on great recordlabels such as Sequence Music , Tiefdruckgebeat , SMTC Underground , Running Clouds , Siamese Records , Isolate Music , Be Free Recordings and Suprematic Sounds. the second hour is a great DJ SET from Kris Dekay! Enjoy :)