Reggae Excursion Radio #74: Katibim & more (21-07-2021)

74th broadcast of the Reggae Excursion Radioshow. Hosted by Selector DT.


  • Basic Human Functions 1

    First show of the season, filled with breaks, bass, bells and whistles. Starts of with some lower bpm higher caliber, a rise in tempo and some room to breathe. Steadily progressing into a high speed chase! This mix was made for my bimonthly radioshow on Villa Bota

  • PAREL – Den Elder

    Parelduiker @ Villa Bota 28 / 07 / 2019 Guest: Johan from Den Elder (record store in Bruges) Recorded at Villa Bota

  • THE ROOTS ARK #25 (04-11-2023)

    New monthly Roots Ark Radioshow presented by Deliverance Soundsystem (Originally RDC Sound) Warming up the vibes with some from the old collection, hopping into the digi era & as always ending it with some from the dubplate collection