Radio Raf #002 – Villa Bota

2nd episode of radio show Radio Raf played on Villa Bota. My first try at MC-ing


  • Petit a la Belge – 14/02/2021

    14 februari, geen Valentijn maar de laatste dag van de Week van de Belgische Muziek! Ook ik heb met plezier deze show in een Belgisch jasje gestoken. Ik zie jullie binnen twee weken opnieuw! Geniet er hier nog eens van xxx

  • InSein Radio – Another Random Trip (The Sequel)

    The Sint Salvators Cathedral is one of the historical highlights in the touristic inner city of Bruges. A little known fact however is that before WOII the cathedral had twin towers. It was under the command of Joseph Goebbels that the Luftwaffe destroyed the most beautiful tower of them all. It was September 11 1943. The night before Herr Goebbels went to a local bratwurst bar and met up with the evil Head Honcho, der überführer Arsène Von Gierdegom. Von Gierdegom had long held a grudge against the second of the twin towers because it was bigger than his biological father's windmill. In exchange for this war act Arsène promised a life long supply of free wedges (mayonnaise not included). Around this time Osama Bin Laden Sr. purchased an aquarel painting depicting the devastation of the tower. He was inspired for life. Like Van Gogh before him he discovered the signature style of a true master. And if you don't believe this one, we gonna make you another one wise.