Patreon Mix August (excerpt)

Still in my summer break, but if you are one of my patreons you still get some music! Here's a taste of last month's patreon mix. If you want to hear the rest of the hour-long darkness, become a patreon and support the show. Anyway some Ice Ice Cold Dark Ambient for this hot weather. Hope you enjoy! Oneirich is the curator of the The Kult of O platform.


  • Between the lines

    Multiple strings of consciousness.. Quiet voices - Story of new ancestors Ruth Anderson – Conversations Pleasure – Selfsuck 210321 Shit and Shine – INFINITE SHITE Dragonchild – Above all Holsen & Cassiers – Opening Max Nagl trio – Radax David Strother & Carl Royce – Hypnotony Mehet Aslan featuring Valentina Magaletti - Garden Akhira Sano – Grasp at the distance Anne H. Goldberg-Baldwin - 5 Meditations on Music from Luigi Rossi's Collection: No. 1, Öffnen des Raumes.Partite sopra Zefiro Теплота - Limit cycle (version shell) Giuseppe Ielasi – 05 Marta Salogni & Tom Relleen – Dessert glass May 2023

  • Snailtrail

    Ad interim show for namaakkanttekeningen mixed & recorded live at Bota studio 20.08.22

  • Alle Lust wil Eenzaamheid |NFNE #43| Lucrecia Dalt- Andrea Belfi – Aries Mond – Visible Cloaks

    Music that clouds your mind like a mist of deep loneliness. Mixed live at Villa Bota Radio Bruges 1. Lucrecia Dalt - Disuelta 2. Andrea Belfi - Griggio 3. Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton - A River Song 4. Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano - Toi 5. Graig Fox - Contact (upekkhā) 6. Federico Durand - La Tarde Ronda Por La Casa 7. Jim O' Rourke - Bad Timing 8. SAVANT - Fault Index 9. K. Leimer & Marc Barreca - Les Filles de Sainte Colombe 10. Craig Leon - The Gates Made Plain 11. Aries Mond - Iodine

  • Horae Obscura – Uri, vinciri, verberari, ferroque necari!

    After a rough summer I wanted to blow of some steam to start this new season, so brace yourself for an hour of rough noisy soundscapes! Brace yourself ;) If you want more The Kult of O content consider subscribing to the Patreon and support us while you do: Horae Obscura is part of The Kult of O radioshow bringing you the darkest, melancholic and eerie tracks the world has to offer! The show is curated by Oneirich and broadcast on Villa Bota Radio. Website: