PAREL – Patrick Bastien

Parelduiker S05E06 25th of November 2021 19h - 21h Villa Bota, Bruges BE Guest: Patrick Bastien


  • JazzNotJazz #5

    JazzNotJazz radioshow #5 From the Villa Bota studio (Bruges) to your radio, hosted by Aïsha Baert April 7th (2021) Logo Design © Studio NULZET

  • DAY 17

    Did you ever hear The Kills get mixed with Haddaway's What Is Love? No? Well, hear you can. Wink, wink. Apero tunes for all! Unfortunately Chic was doing something with a bottle of gin, so Pas Cher had to push the buttons all by himself. Next time proceedings will be back to normal.

  • Test Flight 2.0

    Anti Police Music