PAREL – Linde

24 / 11 / 2019 Parelduiker Guest: Linde Recorded @ Villa Bota Picture: Carmen De Vos


  • PAREL – Bibi Seck

    08 / 12 / 2019 Parelduiker Guest: Bibi Seck Recorded @ Villa Bota Side note: The voice on the telephone in the track "Blame Game" (Kanye West) is not John Legend, but Chris Rock.

  • Wangedrag Mixtape #009 Best of 2021

    Best of 2021 with 23 tracks! We had to make hard decisions ;) Golpe, Alambrada, Systema, Cemento, Koma, 80HD, Ogro, Quarantine, Tower 7, Fairytale, Unidad Ideologica, Horrendous 3D,....

  • DAY 12

    We stay hyperventilating! We mix everything! We love eclectisism! Have one on us! We had one on you, for sure! Merry Christmas, Chic et Pas Cher x

  • Day 22

    MMMMMMMM music for your jingle ears. Apero merci!