Namaakkanttekeningen 19/11/2021



    Recorded at Villa Bota, Bruges, Belgium on monday, 23th, 2020. This radiobroadcast contains for 80% Belgium artists, releases, labels. Go check their pages and support them during this story! Tracks by: 1. Jaap Fischer - Sprookje 2. Ben Bertrand - Morion And György In The Battista Mist 3. Ashtoreth & Stratosphere - Awake 4. Mattias De Craene - Lady Dady 5. All Shadows And Deliverance - Kampuchea (excerpt) 6. Isaac - Dolk 7. Normal Brain - M-U-S-I-C 8. Rene Hell - Chamber Music 9. Donder & Apeland - Alderliefste Mijn 10. Bear Bones, Lay Low - Wet Streets

  • InSein Radio – Ovarian InSein

    Welcome to the new "Indansha Mo' redtio Sjow' there's a new pussycat in town. She comes from the slums of Mogadishu, after being born in the ghetto of Johannesburg, only to find the eternal flame of Bruges, home of the brave!!! We call her by her name, Ovaria, the greatest pussy of all!!!

  • SLOPPY with Josie Perry & Daphne Simons & Stine Sampers

    SLOPPY is a Radio program every 2 weeks (on Tuesdays from 4-5 pm on 106.4 FM, but this one was on friday 8/7) on Villa Bota (Bruges) with a focus on artist talks, performances, artist recordings and artist records. This radio show was with Josie Perry & Daphne Simons, who made incredible songs as parody’s on the ficitonalised life-story of the suurealist painter Leonor Fini. And some beautiful stories about Vampire covens. And after this Stine Sampers did a reading with under-need this layer of spoken words great field recordings form her recent visit to France & awesome tunes. BIG UPS to Stine, Josie and daphne!