Land van witlof en porei

All Belgian music (indiepop and rock, new wave, dance...) showing how diverse the creative crazyness gets in this little chunk of land liveset @Villa Bota (5.02.22) 1.The Neon Judgement/T.V. treated 2.Twee Belgen/Lena 3.Vive la fête/Touche pas 4.Elisa Waut/Four times more 5.Metal Molly/Orange 6.Intergalactic lovers/Delay 7.Deus/Fell off the floor 8.Soulwax/Much against everyone's advice 9.T.C. Matic/Oh lalala 10.School is cool/The world is gonna end tonight 11.Triggerfinger/All this dancin around 11.De Mens/En in Gent 12.Arsenal/Melvin 13.Gabriel Rios/Broad daylight 14.Daan/Simple 15.Gorki/Mia 16.Jacques Brel/Ces gens-la 17.Zita Swoon/Disco! (Soulwax vocal rmx) 18.Human Resource/Dominator (Frank De Wulf remix) 19.Pragha Kan/Breakfast in Vegas 20.Millionaire/Champagne 21.Goose/Synrise 22.Oscar and the Wolf/Strange entity 23.Absynthe minded/Envoi 24.Superdiesel/Een ticket naar de zon 25.Noordkaap/Satteliet Suzy 26.An Pierlé - Cars 27.The Van Jets - Future


  • SLOPPY With Frankie

    Sloppy is a radio program that airs every two weeks on Tuesdays from 4-5 PM on 106.4 FM in Villa Bota, Bruges. The show focuses on artist talks, performances, artist recordings, and artist records. This week, Frankie. I won't tell you anything about this show, just listen and go see it, it's epic! You might be wondering where you can watch it; well, here are the dates and locations: 9 APR 23 - BRONKS - BRUSSELS/ 12 OCT 23 - C-MINE C.C. - GENK/ 16 NOV 23 - DE STUDIO - ANTWERP/ 17 NOV 23 - DE STUDIO - ANTWERP ENJOUYY

  • Namaakkanttekeningen 16/04/2021

    Comus - The Bite (Dawn, 1971) Synanthesia - Minerva (RCA Victor, 1969) Tony, Caro & John - Apocalypso (pp, 1972) José Mauro - Apocalipse (Quartin, 1970) Lily & Maria - Melt me (Columbia, 1968) Folkdove - Pretty Sarah (Disques, Iris, 1975) Perry Leopold - The Annunciation (Gear Fab Recs, 1999) Willems Selectie Capitolo 6 - Grande Spirito ("Frutti Per Kagua", 1972) Il Balletto Di Bronzo - Ma Ti Aspettero ("Sirio 2222", 1970) Jacula - Jacula Valzer ("Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus", 1972) Corte Dei Miracoli - ...E Vera L'Uomo ("Corte Dei Miracoli", 1976) Museo Rosenbach - L'Ultimo Uomo ("Zarathustra", 1973) Braen's Machine - Description ("Underground", 1971) Paul Giovanni - Willow's Songs (Trunk, 1998) Jerry Corbitt - Out of the Question (Polydor, 1968) Kenneth Higney - Night Rider (Kebrutney Records, 1976) Pell Mell - The Clown and the Queen (Bacillus Records, 1972) Music Behind DJ: The Habibiyya (Island Recs, 1972)


    Recorded at Villa Bota, Bruges, Belgium on monday, 23th, 2020. This radiobroadcast contains for 80% Belgium artists, releases, labels. Go check their pages and support them during this story! Tracks by: 1. Jaap Fischer - Sprookje 2. Ben Bertrand - Morion And György In The Battista Mist 3. Ashtoreth & Stratosphere - Awake 4. Mattias De Craene - Lady Dady 5. All Shadows And Deliverance - Kampuchea (excerpt) 6. Isaac - Dolk 7. Normal Brain - M-U-S-I-C 8. Rene Hell - Chamber Music 9. Donder & Apeland - Alderliefste Mijn 10. Bear Bones, Lay Low - Wet Streets

  • InSein Radio – PöstPünKWäve

    Post punk, there use to be a black king, named Dieudonné Defaux, Duke of Bruges, Count of Flanders, he used to rule over Flanders fertile fields. Maybe you could ask yourself, "why is there a black lord in Bruges?". That's a long story, but not as long as his lunte, but still very long ;-) The virgin Mary was on his head, but also supplied the dwarf entrance! No wonder everybody obliged to the dark skills of Dieudonné Defaux. Count Dieudonné was very known for his PostPunk Wave Parties at his court... All the dwarfspunks of Bruges were summoned and found the entrance by speaking to his mouth ... all virgins were speaking in tongues... and the tongues where in all vigins. We know this story of what them said off ... we couldn't realy fact check but it sounds plausible. Seems legit .. for us.