Horae Obscura – Frigus

Get ready to immerse yourself in the chilling embrace of this new radio show. Throughout this session, I will be your guide through a sonic journey meticulously crafted for the crisp winter days. We'll delve into the depths of cold, dark ambient music. Grab a warm beverage, settle into your favorite spot, and let the immersive soundscapes transport you to a realm where winter's embrace is both haunting and enchanting. Consider supporting the show and gaining access to exclusive extras by becoming a patron—your contribution ensures the continuity of this journey: http://www.patreon.com/oneirich Horae Obscura is part of The Kult of O radioshow bringing you the darkest, melancholic and eerie tracks the world has to offer! The show is curated by Oneirich and broadcast on Villa Bota Radio. Website: http://www.thekultofo.com/


  • RAKELING: André 3000 – Otik – BCMC – Lewsberg – Midori Hirano – Daniel Villarreal – Wordcolour – …

    Recorded live at Villa Bota Radio on November 24, 2023. Listen live biweekly on Friday's 8 to 9 pm on villabota.be. 50 PERCENT OF THE HOSTS HAD A MASSIVE HANGOVER 1. André 3000 - I swear I really Wanted To Make a Rap Album But .. 2. The Shadow Ring - Cape of Seaweed 3. Otik - Blue Hills 4. BCMC - The Swarm 5. Dungen - Satt att Se 6. Lewsberg - An Ear To The Chest 7. Dijf Sanders - Eyes Drinking Water 8. Midori Hirano - FFFound 9. Greg Foat & Art Themen - Fresh Snow 10. Daniel Villarreal - Sunset Cliffs 11. Pale Jay - In The Corner 12. Wordcolour - Mallets 13. Otik - Geronimo 14. Labelle - Ciel

  • Adamantis 20230523

    Join me as we dive into the abyss, where ethereal landscapes collide with metallic echoes, creating a unique sonic tapestry that will captivate your senses. This is not a journey for the faint-hearted, but for those who embrace the darkness and seek solace in the depths of sound. Stay connected, share your thoughts, and invite your fellow explorers to join us on this deep, dark musical expedition. If you want more The Kult of O content consider subscribing to the Patreon and support us while you do: http://www.patreon.com/oneirich Adamantis is part of The Kult of O radioshow curated by Oneirich and broadcast on Villa Bota Radio. Website: http://www.thekultofo.com/

  • Kantel

    Mixed & recorded @ homebase, my place of recovery juni 2021 Deva Ovel - Sciogli il legame Amanda Whiting - Can't get you out of my head Sweet trip - You Dau - The death of smut 'T Geruis - Een deur ergens in vallei Carlo Giustini - Sacchi di Juta Balmorhea & Clarice Jensen - Night falls in your left Luigi Zito & Ranieri Romagnoli - Zolle Brucciate Alessandro Cortini - VERDE

  • De verst uitgespuwde kersenpit

    This soundscape is a salute to Mira Calix and Philip Jeck - it's not a fare well, their legacy will live on ! Mixed & Recorded @ homebase 31/03/22 peace