Horae Obscura – Bella detesta matribus

The war is still raging in Ukraine (and unfortunately in many other countries as well). I look at it with suspicion and this episode is an outlet for all the worries it brings. Brace yourself for some raw #industrial and #powerelectronics Anyway while I have your attention I'll be asking for your hard earned money. 🕊️ I've submitted a track for a humanitarian aid music compilation: 🕊️ https://componentrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/for-peace-against-war-who-is-not-a-compilation-for-the-people-of-ukraine 💿 I still have copies left of my new album, if you want a copy send me a message: 💿 https://thekultofo.bandcamp.com/album/fall 💵 I could use your support for the show, plz support & get extras: 💵 https://patreon.com/oneirich ☕ Or make a donation: ☕ https://www.buymeacoffee.com/oneirich Original artwork: The Apotheosis of War Painting by Denis Chernov Website: http://www.thekultofo.com/