Everything’s blue in this world

Mixed & Recorded live @ Villa Bota - February 22th, 2024 Danielle Boutet -Hivers 1: Cap-des-rosiers Morton Feldman & John Cage in conversation excerpt Dome RIP Swirl – Alone awake Afrorack – Last modular Aphex Twin – Logan rock witch Raymond Scott - Bendix 2: "The Tomorrow People" Autechre remixes Stereolab – Refractions in the plastic pulse (Feebate mix) Meitei / 冥丁 - Sadayakko / 貞奴 Billy Woods – Sauvage Coil – Blue rats (Blue cheese mix) Coil remixes NIN – The downward spiral – A gilded sickness Saint Abdullah – Landscapes of a blind man Reprise Coil remixes NIN Wyrd Visions – Sigill The Fun years – The surge is working Raymond Scott - "Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night!" El Fog – Broken Huerco S – Marked for life


  • Caciocavallo !

    From the absurd people like you and me to the eerie Penderecki from the dearly missed Trish and French hick-ups to a loop out of the jungle from churchy organs to seduction through witchcraft and majestic sadness contains spores of Broadcast, Max Richter, People like us, Humbros, De-Bons-en-Pierre, Penderecki, Native instrument and whatnot. Mixed & Recorded live at Villa Bota Studio, August 13th 2023 Enjoy !

  • Klankschap XXL – The year 23 in music / part 2

    Second part of Klankschap XXL, the year 2023 in hindsight. All tracks are from 2023 except the one from Laüten der Seele..(got the wrong vinyl with me to the studio..). Anyways, hope this finds you well. Enjoy ! Mixed & recorded live on January 11th, 2023. Tracklist // comment section

  • SLOPPY With Frankie

    Sloppy is a radio program that airs every two weeks on Tuesdays from 4-5 PM on 106.4 FM in Villa Bota, Bruges. The show focuses on artist talks, performances, artist recordings, and artist records. This week, Frankie. I won't tell you anything about this show, just listen and go see it, it's epic! You might be wondering where you can watch it; well, here are the dates and locations: 9 APR 23 - BRONKS - BRUSSELS/ 12 OCT 23 - C-MINE C.C. - GENK/ 16 NOV 23 - DE STUDIO - ANTWERP/ 17 NOV 23 - DE STUDIO - ANTWERP ENJOUYY