De Kolonisatie Van Planet MU

Toespijs. De laatste grens. Dit zijn de reizen van het ruimteschip Achterhaald. In onze eeuwige missie om nieuwe genres te ontdekken, labels te omarmen en muzikale grenzen te verleggen, gaan wij dapper daar, waar geen enkele andere radioshow durft te gaan. En vanavond is dat naar Planet Mu. Ital tek - vacuum I Venetian Snares - Everything about you is special Rian Treanor - Orders from the pausing Mun sing - Waiting in the car Hatha & Benga - 10 tons heavy Machinedrum - Now u know the deal 4 real Darqwan - maximum reespek Mrk1 - Slope Silk Road assassins - Familiars Milanese - Mr bad news (clark remix0 DJ Manny - Ooh baby Dj Girl - so hot D’zzz - Death Kila - herva Antwood - Club dread FaltyDL - Brazil (Maddlinsky remix) Pinch - Qawwali Chevron - Gary grew some garage DJ Nate - aww baby yeah JLIN - Derivative Kuedo - scissors Frog Pocket - Carat Cyls Luke Vibert - Mate tron Horse opera - 3 cornered room


  • RAKELING: André 3000 – Otik – BCMC – Lewsberg – Midori Hirano – Daniel Villarreal – Wordcolour – …

    Recorded live at Villa Bota Radio on November 24, 2023. Listen live biweekly on Friday's 8 to 9 pm on 50 PERCENT OF THE HOSTS HAD A MASSIVE HANGOVER 1. André 3000 - I swear I really Wanted To Make a Rap Album But .. 2. The Shadow Ring - Cape of Seaweed 3. Otik - Blue Hills 4. BCMC - The Swarm 5. Dungen - Satt att Se 6. Lewsberg - An Ear To The Chest 7. Dijf Sanders - Eyes Drinking Water 8. Midori Hirano - FFFound 9. Greg Foat & Art Themen - Fresh Snow 10. Daniel Villarreal - Sunset Cliffs 11. Pale Jay - In The Corner 12. Wordcolour - Mallets 13. Otik - Geronimo 14. Labelle - Ciel

  • Jon slo _05 / Harajuku drums

    One hour filled with lush electronics, drumming jabs, trancey pads and Gwen Stefani Enjoy the ride

  • MISOOGST mix by M I M I

    For the festival MISOOGST, M I M I made a mixtape inspired by gardening. She blended some of her own work and others that really transcribe the feeling of a moment in nature/garden. Feel M I M I - Iye Iye M I M I - Soil B4MBA - Birds M I M I - Frequencies Rosalia - Te Venero (M I M I refix) Hihats In Trees - Beaumen Take 21 Take 22 M I M I is a DJ & multidisciplinary artist based in Brussels, Belgium. Born in Lusaka, she arrived in Belgium at a very young age. She is very present in the Belgian nightlife and has had the opportunity to work internationally as well, including a guest mix for NTS Radio, Red Light Radio and Dj sets in Lausanne, Köln, Paris and most recently Boiler Room in Barcelona.