Breakcore – A Distorted Week Day 5

Starting the weekend of #aDistortedWeek with a good dose of #breakcore! Tonight the 30th of April, I'll be playing #RhythmicNoise and #IndustrialTechno round 2000 CET. If you want more The Kult of O content consider subscribing to the Patreon and support us while you do: Oneirich is the curator of the The Kult of O platform.


  • ATTRITION – The Switch (Remix by Oneirich)

    British band Attrition has just released their new EP titled "The Switch" which includes a remix by Oneirich. The EP consists of six tracks with "The Switch" being taken from the upcoming album "The Black Maria" due to release later in 2023. Oneirich's remix of "The Switch" is a 5-minute track that blends blasting beats with the original track, creating a unique auditory experience. The infusion of dance elements by Oneirich breathes new life into the song, making it a must-listen for fans of the band and electronic music enthusiasts alike. The EP also features remixes by Y-Luk-O, Martine, Satori Mix, and Jenna Leigh Raine, you can find it on Bandcamp!

  • Ignace Paepe presents: Melodic Mania Radioshow Episode #44

    Another Episode from the melodic Mania Radioshow , already Epsiode #44 with as first a podcast from Divestorm followed by a podcast in collaboration with the new meldodic Techno Recordslabel Triskel Music from Argentinia

  • Horae Obscura – Tepidarium

    I'm excited to bring you another episode of my radio show, where I'll be exploring the world of #IDM & #Electronica. This week's selection is on the lush side, not that dark, but still full of intricate rhythms and textures that will take you on a journey of the mind. Sometimes we just need a little bit of beauty and complexity in our lives, and these tunes deliver that in spades. So tune in and let me share with you some of my favorite tracks from this genre. And as always, I welcome your feedback and comments. Thanks for listening! Original artwork: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema - In the Tepidarium I'd like to thank my Patreons who supported this show: Dafreeze, Strayd0g & R. Relique. If you also want to support The Kult of O, and get more content, then consider becoming a Patreon: Website: