And now for something completely different

Finally, a new chapter of Klankschap is added, had fun doing this one. It’s funny, it has beats, it is utterly strange or just plain and simple anyways, expect - as ever - some eclectic candy for your ears ! Mixed and recorded live @ Villa Bota, fifth of may, 2024. A tracklist may appear sooner or later.. ___Enjoy


  • Adamantis 20240326

    Welcome, I invite you to join me on a deep, long ritual through the sonic realm, to a sacred voyage guided by the vibrations of #ambient sound. In this transcendental journey, we will immerse ourselves in four long, powerful works that serve as sonic incantations which will weave a tapestry of sound. As we embark, I ask for your support in sustaining the Kult. Consider supporting the show by becoming a patron or making a donation, allowing us to continue our journey together and share the gift of music with seekers around the world. Adamantis is part of The Kult of O radioshow curated by Oneirich and broadcast on Villa Bota Radio. Website:

  • SLOPPY With Max Kesteloot & Tom Volkaert

    Sloppy, a radio program that airs biweekly on Tuesdays from 4-5 PM on 106.4 FM in Villa Bota, Bruges, is like an haven. The show dives deep into artist talks, mesmerizing performances, unique artist recordings, and rare artist records. This week, tune in for the incredible Max Kesteloot & Tom Volkaert! It's an eclectic mud bath of tunes and soundbites, coupled with a delightful 'fuck you' to the radio format. Thanks, buddies! It's more than just a radio show!!!! It's a lifestyle ;)

  • JazzNotJazz – Bass special

    For this JazzNotJazz radioshow we (Dick d'Alaise & I) selected some of the best & most influential jazz bass players from around the world. Next up will be a drum special. Also, check out Dick d'Alaise (Dubbeldee) his shows:

  • SLOPPY with Sergeant

    SLOPPY is a Radio program every 2 weeks (on Tuesdays from 4-5 pm on 106.4 FM) on Villa Bota (Bruges) with a focus on artist talks, performances, artist recordings and artist records. This week on Sloppy, Sergeant!!! The beautiful Indian summer allowed us to set up outside. A barrage of sounds, rhythms, vocal lines and riffs brought laughter to the small children playing in the park and made the dog bark. What a show, unforgettable! nicely bathed in golden light, Sergeant will you be my autumnal nymph? Delicious spray of lukewarm water clears the ears, I can listen delicately again! THANK YOU!