Acid ∴ Full Moon Weekender day 1

A weekend with a full moon and no party plans :( so I figured just to play some party music every day of the weekend. I played an hour of acid on friday the 7th of October, hope you enjoy. If you want more The Kult of O content consider subscribing to the Patreon and support us while you do: Oneirich is the curator of the The Kult of O platform.


  • DJ Rocky Z Braakt Batida – Onde é que estão os balneários?

    DJ Rocky Z vertoefde de voorbije week in Portugal en proefde er uitgebreid van de Batida. En dan hebben we het niet alleen over de beroemde Braziliaanse cocktail, maar ook – én vooral – over hét muziekgenre dat de nachtclubs van Lissabon domineert. Radio Achterhaald neemt je bij de hand en gidst je door de back-catalogues van labels zoals Principe en Enchufada. We rammen de Batida in je strot tot je geen Portugese pap meer kan zeggen! DJ Doraemon – Lost Train DJ Nigga Fox – Gas natural DJ Marfox – B 18 Violet – Musica Para Limpar e Arrumar Photonz – Venus Alto Nivel Produçoes – Directamente CDM, LiloCox & DJ MAboku – Viemos do Congo 3wa – Bloody Mess Bleid - Muy Malo Moss Kissing – Beg Blacksea Não Maya – Melodicas Radicas Xinobi & Lazarusman – Searching For RoundHouse Kick – Flying Night Oxhala - O barulho do Gizo da Covra (Rodrigo Gallardo remix) DJ Narciso & Endgame – Cut Hozho – Für Heisenberg Conan Osiris - Telemóveis

  • InSein Radio – Miscellaneous Moods & Structures

    Hail to the new Franky in town. Minou Esquenet is here to take over the power together with her pinguin friend who has some right wing ideas. The future of Bruges is secure. You can say a lot about a woman, but not that's she's never right. Otherwise you could come in deep trouble. "Pull my finger fatty" she said while Franky is singing his swan song. How is your swan son doing? We know Dirks swan is very long. But not as long his lunte. Ask Kabilla Hermans. While you are still with us, we want to pitch our new idea. What do you think about a hooligan choir? Send us your videos and filmtjes. Would you cheer your team with a popular song? A swan song? A debut single is the opposite of a swan song. Mail your support to