A christmas carol

Mixed & recorded live deca ember 2021 What to expect 1.Ulla - Shelter 2.Panoptique electrical – Some rooms become us 3.Sparklehorse – It’s a wonderful life 4.Beirut - Nantes 5.Lali puna – Electric dreams 6.Helios – Hope Valley Hill 7.Aspidistrafly – Moonlight shadow 8.Marissa Nadler featuring blackholeinfinity – No surprises 9.Opiate -T&TT Meets Opiate Downtown 10.Push Button objects - ATP track 11.Timothy Leary - The Beginning Of The Voyage (Heart Chakra) 12.Flim – This is a lush life 13.People Like Us – The sacred erm 14.Beige – Doesn’t hurt 15.Silent Grove Babtist Church Congregation – Ain't No Grave 16.Matty Bye - Bethanien 17.Interpol – Not even jail 18.Siriusmo - Nights off 19.Modern institute - Cars 20.Soley - Bad dream


  • Namaakkanttekeningen 16/04/2021

    Comus - The Bite (Dawn, 1971) Synanthesia - Minerva (RCA Victor, 1969) Tony, Caro & John - Apocalypso (pp, 1972) José Mauro - Apocalipse (Quartin, 1970) Lily & Maria - Melt me (Columbia, 1968) Folkdove - Pretty Sarah (Disques, Iris, 1975) Perry Leopold - The Annunciation (Gear Fab Recs, 1999) Willems Selectie Capitolo 6 - Grande Spirito ("Frutti Per Kagua", 1972) Il Balletto Di Bronzo - Ma Ti Aspettero ("Sirio 2222", 1970) Jacula - Jacula Valzer ("Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus", 1972) Corte Dei Miracoli - ...E Vera L'Uomo ("Corte Dei Miracoli", 1976) Museo Rosenbach - L'Ultimo Uomo ("Zarathustra", 1973) Braen's Machine - Description ("Underground", 1971) Paul Giovanni - Willow's Songs (Trunk, 1998) Jerry Corbitt - Out of the Question (Polydor, 1968) Kenneth Higney - Night Rider (Kebrutney Records, 1976) Pell Mell - The Clown and the Queen (Bacillus Records, 1972) Music Behind DJ: The Habibiyya (Island Recs, 1972)

  • Halfoogst

    Mixed and recorded live, 14th of Avril obviously this show starts off with Afx Twin's track 'Avril 14th' enjoy !

  • JazzNotJazz – Drum special

    For this JazzNotJazz radioshow we (Dick d'Alaise & I) selected some of the best & most influential jazz drummers from around the world. Next up will be a sax special. Also, check out Dick d'Alaise (Dubbeldee) his shows: https://www.mixcloud.com/DubbelDee/

  • Archetypes that have been tested and failed

    Fresh one mixed & recorded at Both Studio march 2022 enjoy!