30 New Underground Releases from June 2023

Every month we showcase new underground releases . This is the June edition with 30 new tracks. DJ CMO has selected these tracks and you can find MTTV New Video releases + DJ CMO mix set of these tracks on. youtube.com/@mutanttransmissions You can find all our mixes that use to be on mixcloud + new ones on our patreon.com/mutanttransmissions . On patreon we also include set lists + download of each mix.


  • MUTANT TRANSMISSIONS – DJ Dr. Gregor Giesing (GrGr) – Germany – Italo Minimal Wave- NDW

    🧿 Mutant Transmissions🧿 Dr. Gregor Giesing ( grgr, Zoo Escape, Duo Frizzante) Dr. Gregor Giesing is a german DJ mixing italo disco, NDW, and synth soundsalso known as chiptune punk grgr. He is a Mutant Transmissions Resident and you can catch him every 2 month. Set list in comments. Video Version of this set is on youtube.com/polinay ⚡ Link Tree https://linktr.ee/GrGr ⚡ http://www.zooescape.de/ ⚡ https://duofrizzante.bandcamp.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------- 🧿 Mutant Transmissions 🧿 is an exploration of the experimental, innovative and cutting edge of the audio underground. We broadcast live on https://www.twitch.tv/nydecay​ and on Radio 106.4 Fm on Flanders, BE ⚡ Website https://mutanttransmissions.org

  • Wangedrag Live #545 Guest Sally (Gewoon Fucking Raggen/Graf/…)

    Really cool live show with Sally from Gewoon Fucking Raggen, Graf,... First 5 minutes missing! Tracklist differs a little from the mixtape! Thx very much it was a blast!

  • Mutant Transmissions Summer Mega dark electronics mix

    🧿 Mutant Transmissions Mega Summer Mix! 2022 🧿 by DJ Polina Y ⚡ Youtube https://youtube.com/polinay (new video every Sunday) ⚡ Twitch https://Twitch.tv/nydecay​​ for live shows and chat (new live shows every Wednesday) ⚡ Website https://mutanttransmissions.org​​​ ⚡ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mutanttransmissionsradio ⚡ Mixcloud: https://mixcloud.com/nydecay

  • Wangedrag Mixtape #006

    New mixtape with lots of new and not so new stuff! New stuff from: Urin, Hologram, Game, Direct threat, Ataque Zero, Spy, Kohti Tuhoa, Laxisme, Hante. ... Not so new stuff: Coma, Dïat, Mau-Maus,...